The Melancholy of Lordgenome — Unime

When I was asked by Yasumo, the head of Unime, to write a post about Villains we want to root for, I immediately thought of Lordgenome, from Gurren Lagann. I had a great time delving down into the inner workings and history of this charismatic villain. When a hero takes things too far, when a righteous man is broken… what really becomes of them? Find out this much and more by reading the rest of this post on Unime!!

Having long stood in my top 10 series of all time, Gurren Lagann is a show that I consider very close to a complete masterpiece. With strikingly unique and beautiful visuals, well-written characters, and a deep, engaging, and emotionally charged story, Gurren Lagann is without a doubt one of the best Mecha shows ever, and…

via The Melancholy of Lordgenome — Unime

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