Chapter 3: The Hermit

As many of you know, I enjoy writing. Like, REALLY enjoy writing. I’ve spent a lot of my life writing stories and concepts, characters and worlds. it’s part of the reason I love Dungeons and Dragons so much. For a bit more than a month now, I’ve been working on a novel, posting chapters on Wattpad, and i’m happy to report chapter 3 is now available to read!

Here’s just a snippet of the chapter:

A light breeze blew gently through a sparse wood, the wind tossing dry, brown leaves up into the air in swirls and eddies across the forest floor. The early evening light, filtering through the trees, gave a yellow-red glow to the small wooden cabin stowed deep within the woods, a silent little house far removed from civilization.

A soft swishing sound breaks the otherwise still air in the forest clearing, the bristles of a broom rasping against the wooden floorboards of the cabin porch, methodically clearing away the fallen leaves. A young man holds the broom, his gentle face framed by long hair hanging past his shoulders, a loose ponytail falling down his back even further. Sighing, his hands slow their movement as looked upward, gazing into the sky.

Through his narrow lids, silver eyes peer forth, gazing at the darkening sky, picking out dimly shining stars, one by one. After a moment of gazing into the sky, he blinked several times, before returning to his task of clearing the porch of dry, brown leaves.

“The stars foretell omens tonight…” a faint mutter emerged from his lips as he finally lets the broom rest, setting it against the porch railing with a soft thump. “I hate nights like tonight.”

Quietly opening the door, the young man slipped back into the cabin, the sound of a bolt being drawn across the door resounding through the sparse forest, accompanied only by the sound of blowing wind caressing dried leaves in the evening dimness.

If you want to read more, you’ll just have to check it out on my Wattpad page! Please give me a follow, that way you can stay updated on the latest chapters of the story, and don’t hesitate to give me feedback. I love critiques, so don’t hold back!

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