This is a clickbait title. Click me!

So this was a super fun, short Collab post that a bunch of Anibloggers including myself, Moyatori, Shokamoka, and MagicConan14 did over on Plyasm’s blog with him, talking about the clickbaitiest anime titles, and how they baited us into watching them. Half ranting, half making fun of each other, and all one heck of a fun time, this is one collab you guys do NOT want to miss out on reading. Make sure to check out the full post over on Plyasm’s blog, and let us know what some of your favorite Clickbait Anime Titles are!!

You are now checking out the post, that is for sure. But is it really because the title of this post is somewhat click-baity?

The idea popped out of a certain poo poo’s mind after having conversed about some of the titles for anime in 2018 Spring Season being somewhat plain and obvious but strong and truly representative. This is where we gather up around the imaginary Aniblogger Coalition meeting table to share our views on some of the titles across forms of multimedia which managed to hook us in with just one look.

Baiting us is one thing; keeping us with them is completely another, but we are not going to even talk much about the end result.

Heya! Welcome to one of those good times where collaborations do happen! This post is made in a spur of the moment but it is finished so quick because we all have our ideas to pitch on the table.

Source: This is a clickbait title. Click me! – Plyasm’s wormhole

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