Where Did I Go?

Well… I’ve been basically completely absent from my blog for a while now… so what happened? Where have I been all this time? Will I be coming back to blogging? Well… that’s what this post is about.

See… I pretty much stopped blogging due to being busy. Between work, school, Covid, and a bunch of other stuff, my free time has been severely limited… and that limited time has gone into something else.

I’ve been working on growing my YouTube channel! I’ve been having a great time playing random games and having inane conversation with my friends on the channel… if you enjoy a dry sense of humor and some terrible puns, maybe check out our channel, and subscribe!!


As far as blogging is concerned… I might start doing again, or I might not. Perhaps if my life calms down and I can get back on track with a more free schedule, i’ll start blogging regularly again. Until then, though, you guys will have to put up with the occasional random post like this… or some responses to tag posts.

2 thoughts on “Where Did I Go?

  1. Always nice to see you back here! I’ve been out of it for a while as well, due to various issues, but have returned here the past couple of weeks, and have been enjoying myself. It’s nice to get this update though! Glad you are keeping busy, and most of all are having fun. Take your time: if you want to return here, we will always be glad to see you back! No pressure though: take your time😊

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