Unpopular Anime Opinions??? (Tag Post)

Thanks to Aria from The Animanga Spellbook for the tag! And also for the concerted effort to make me not be a lazy crud and get back to posting…

A Popular Anime You Don’t Like

Uhhhh… do I have to choose just one? I tend to have a habit of avoiding more popular anime pretty heavily… I think a big part of it is just that when something gets super overhyped, my brain automatically lowers my expectations of it as a whole… and well, I guess some things I just don’t quite understand why people like them? One Piece is a good example of this. I tried watching it, but I just couldn’t get past more than 10 or so episodes, which doesn’t sound like a lot considering the sheer scale of the series at this point… but even with my girlfriend at the time loving the show and trying really hard to get me into it, I just didn’t enjoy it at all.

A lot of shows fall into that same trap for me, though… Attack on Titan, SAO, even Your Lie in April fell flat for me after being so overhyped that the actual show was… pretty disappointing, when I finally got around to watching it.

An Anime Everyone Hates But I Love

Hmmmmm… Now this is a tougher question. I tend to have rather strange tastes when it comes to Anime, liking things that other people hate, and vice-versa. To start with on this section, though, I’m gonna have to echo Aria’s answer of Samurai Flamenco, because I thought that show was great!

Other examples might be things like Legend of the Legendary Heroes (I adore the characters and the humor so much, even if the plot is a bit weak), Arifureta (Even if the CG was bad, I do love the characters, especially Hajime and Yue, and i’ll keep reading the Light Novels even if the anime doesn’t continue), and of course my absolute answer to this question always… Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, which is, and will always be, my favorite anime.

A Love Triangle Where They Didn’t End Up With Who I Wanted

Ooooh boy. There are few things in this world that get me as annoyed as a romance that ends in a dumb way. So many times this has happened… I think the most recent one I can recall was in Koi to Uso, which I did a running review of on my blog as it aired. I was NOT AT ALL happy with how that ended, but… you can read more of my thoughts on that Here.

That’s the most recent example that I can think of… but some other shows that had similar things that made me very upset are White Album 2, Suzuka, and the easy answer that is the ever present School Days.

A Popular Genre You Hardly Watch

Easy answer. Sports. I have never been able to get into a sports anime… there’s just something about the genre that makes it so I can barely even sit through a single episode, much less a season. I know a lot of people who’s opinions I respect a lot have sports anime they would 100% recommend, but I just can’t get into them.

A Beloved Character I Dislike

A beloved character I dislike… Well, I’ll avoid talking about easy answers like Eren Jaeger or Luffy. Honestly, Shounen stuff is probably a massive landmine here, but it’s also pretty easy pickings. As much as I like Bleach, I always thought Ichigo was pretty overshadowed by most of the supporting cast… Rukia and Renji in particular are much more interesting and rootable than he is. There’s probably a lot more I could talk about but I’m trying to keep this short.

A Popular Anime I Can’t Get Into/Not Interested in Watching

Wasn’t… didn’t I just answer this? Like, the first question of the post? So uh… see above, I guess?

A Popular Anime I Prefer Over the Manga

Well… I’m in a bit of trouble here. Generally speaking, I prefer the manga or light novel over the anime when there’s an adaptation, and for those that don’t have one… not eligible. I think the answer I’m gonna have to give, then is… Interspecies Reviewers. Nonononono, wait wait. Don’t unfollow just yet, I have a good reason for this. I think the anime for Reviewers is actively transformational of the source material, adding extra dialogue, character motivation, and “plot” to a series that previously was just a silly story about monster tiddies.


I don’t really know who to tag at this point because i’m rather a ways behind the curve due to my slow response time… so I’ll just tag Shoka and be done with it.


One thought on “Unpopular Anime Opinions??? (Tag Post)

  1. These unpopular opinions posts have been so fun to read. One Piece can be such a slog. Sure, there have been good storylines and some good movies, but I cashed out a long time ago. Good to know that Attack on Titan is overrated. That’s one anime I have no interest in seeing.


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