In/Spectre – First Impressions

I haven’t talked about it much before on my blog, if at all. However, In/Spectre (also known as Kyokou Suiri) is probably my most-anticipated show that’s starting this season. Seriously, I’ve read the source material, and I just love it to bits. And after this first episode, I can happily say, they’ve done a good job.

In/Spectre is about a girl named Kotoko Iwanaga. A girl of stunning intellect, who can pick up on the nuances in sentences, and uses her intelligence to solve mysteries. However, she’s not a normal detective… She solves cases of a more… supernatural origin. Referred to as a “goddess of wisdom” by the yokai, she works to protect the balance between the natural and the supernatural in our world.

I’m a bit of a sucker for this type of pastel colorization.

Though the first episode is paced a bit slow, it does a good job of laying out the setting of the story moving forward. With some good humor, nice visuals, and an intriguing beginning, not to mention some rather good music to tie it all together, I have very high hopes for this show going forward. With a great cast of characters and an excellent source material to draw from, I think this may be one of the strongest picks for 2020.

Kotoko really knows how to get under your skin.

All that’s just my own opinion, though, as a fan of the original material. However, if you like mysteries, supernatural phenomena, or even comedy, this is a show you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Let me know what you guys are thinking of In/Spectre so far down in the comments. As always, thank you all so very much for reading, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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