Dr. Stone – First Impressions

Well here comes another show this season that I knew really nothing about before going into it… not for lack of effort, though. I’ve kind of been purposefully avoiding info about this one for as long as I could, because I wanted it to be a surprise for myself. And what a pleasant surprise it was, indeed!

While it definitely is already following some of the typical Shounen tropes (unnecessarily muscular dudes, lots and lots of shouting, etc) it’s definitely also differentiated itself by a lack of fighting, at least so far (though going by the OP, that’s probably gonna change.)

He looks like an angry bok choy. Or maybe a handful of leeks.

The visuals are fantastic, though. Possibly the best-looking show I’ve watched this season, and that’s saying something with this seasonal lineup. And apparently it’s being produced by… Crunchyroll? Color me impressed. Due to the sheer quality of the visuals, and the beautiful colors we’ve seen so far, I would have easily attributed it to Madhouse, or another heavyweight studio.

Rather than the characters or the story, however, I think my favorite part of this episode was actually the way the cinematics were handled. Various camera angles were used beautifully, and especially that one bit in the middle with the timelapse, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that in anime before. But it was BRILLIANT! I can’t think of a more clever way to properly show the creation of a complex item. I think most anime would probably just do a still-frame montage.

Am I the only person who thinks she looks really weird?

Overall, while this probably isn’t my very top of the list for the season, I still immensely enjoyed this first episode of Dr. Stone, and I’m super excited to see what happens next! Please let me know what you guys are thinking of the show so far down in the comments below! Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope to see you all again in the next post!

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