Astra Lost In Space – First Impressions

Well now, color me truly surprised. I went into this first episode not really knowing what to expect… and you know what? I think i’m glad that I did. Having no real knowledge of the series, or expectations of what it might be about, really helped me to just lose myself in this first episode… and what a great episode it was, really!

Well, i’ll be honest and admit that i’m a bit of a sucker for Sci-fi. I love a good futuristic or space-centric series, but I feel like there’s been a rather unfortunate dearth of them lately. Astra Lost In Space seems, however, very likely to bring us back to form.

15CzExh (1).png
There had to have been a better solution…

Opening with a double-length first episode was just brilliant, to be honest. It gave them plenty of time to establish characters and a setting, plus introducing the main conflict AND the plan to resolve said conflict, all in a single episode. Without the 45-minute run time, I feel a standard episode would have either felt incomplete, or just cut corners to fill the shorter time slot. My point is, nothing felt rushed; it just flowed so well, and hit all the right story beats at the right time. The visuals are great, the sound design is very well-done, and so far, i’m loving the characters!

And did I mention the climactic point in the episode? Good heavens, that was done so well. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an anime truly convey that feeling of being alone in space, with no control over yourself. Between the cleverly quick-beating soundtrack, and the absolutely excellent, if terrifying use of various camera angles showing poor Aries spinning out of control in a sea of black nothingness, I could feel my heart pounding. It made me legitimately anxious, and I loved it!

This scene was extremely well-done.

Well, it’s not all good things to report. While the characters banter and the general dialogue in general is very well-written, with a very natural flow to it, there are some points where they seem to try and take the humor a little too far, even going so far as to put them in a little popout screen, which disrupted that nice flow for me every time it happened. Of course, the main dilemma is a tad cliche, and some of the character decisions are a bit questionable at times. But these nitpicks aside, I don’t think it makes the episode as a whole bad, because I still enjoyed the heck out of it… and honestly, it may be the show i’m excited about the most so far this season!!

I may have rambled a bit too long, but believe me when I say that Astra Lost In Space seems worth giving a chance. For those out there who’ve already seen some of it, let me know your own thoughts about the show! As always, thank you all so very much for reading, and I hope to see you in the next post!

10 thoughts on “Astra Lost In Space – First Impressions

  1. I’m really enjoying this so far. Of course, I’m also a sucker for sci-fi, but this first episode just really nailed its second half and I loved the tension during the rescue scene as it really felt like Aries was in actual danger. I’m really hoping this one manages to keep going strong because the first three episodes have been really fun to watch.

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