Fire Force – First Impressions

Well, this series was honestly a surprise for me. I’d never even heard of it, let alone had any sort of hype going, until the PV for the series dropped a few weeks back. I mean, a hard shounen series slated for 48 episodes to start with, from the writer of Soul Eater? I mean, COME ON! That’s some good stuff right there!

Well, I went ahead and looked up the manga, read a few chapters just to familiarize myself with the setting and whatnot, and… well, that just got me even more excited! But, you know what REALLY started to get me hyped? Starting up that first episode and hearing that OP, which can only be described as… as a certain youtuber would put it… an ABSOLUTE BANGER.

(Did I mention the ED is as good, if not BETTER?)

It’s not just the music that this show has nailed down pretty dang well, though. The animation is right on point; it just looks absolutely delicious in every single scene. I don’t think I saw a single drop in quality over the majority of the episode, which is a very high compliment. It just gives me happy little shivers of shounen trash excitement, and I FEEL NO SHAME IN THIS!!

However, I did have a couple complaints. There were a couple times where it felt liek the pacing of dialogue was kind of iffy, like the characters were waiting a little too long in between lines, and it was kind of jolting to me… (is it just me who noticed that?)

I do love the way the blue glowing uniform looks surrounded by the orange flames. Very pretty.

The other complaint I have is that the amount of flashbacks in this episode was just… far too high. It felt like the simple action scene near the climax of the episode was really being dragged out by constant flashbacks to Shinra’s past. Like yeah, I get it you miss your mom, but do you really need a 3-minute startup time for a kick? Having read this scene in the manga, it’s paced a lot more nicely, and I feel like the anime producers are definitely to blame for this irritating smudge on an otherwise quite good first episode. I do hope they manage to iron things out later on, though, because i’m excited for this series, for real.

The infernals look hella cool, too!

Anyways, there’s my general thoughts on the first episode of Fire Force. Overall, super stoked (haha fire pun) for this one. How about you guys? What are your thoughts so far on this show, if you’ve seen it? If not, I do hope you give it a shot, because it’s got good promise, and the OP is absolute FIRE (low hanging fruit, i’m sorry). Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope to see you all again in the next post!

5 thoughts on “Fire Force – First Impressions

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  2. “(Did I mention the ED is as good, if not BETTER?)”

    It’s absolutely haunting. The shot of the sisters, still sitting in the pews and on fire, staring at young Iris, was something straight out of a horror film.

    In a good way.

    “It just gives me happy little shivers of shounen trash excitement, and I FEEL NO SHAME IN THIS!!”

    I hope shouonen shaming doesn’t become a thing, because I felt the same thing.

    “The other complaint I have is that the amount of flashbacks in this episode was just… far too high.”

    I think Fairy gone destroyed my sense of how many flashbacks is too many! So they didn’t feel excessive to me.

    I’m excited for this series. I enjoyed the second episode a little more than this one, just because of the character moments (and creative use of Keep Out tape, which I’m still chuckling about…).

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