Life, am I right?

Well…  crap happens. As much as we try to plan for eventualities, or think life is going pretty smoothly… well, it all can get turned around so fast. It’s actually kind of silly.

So, yeah… you guys have probably all noticed my blog going on a very sudden, unannounced semi-hiatus.

Sorry about that.

Well, my life has sorta been an amalgamation of those crazy “life happens” moments lately. I’ll tell you guys all about it, don’t worry… but if you’re not in the mood for a somewhat lengthy story… well, just skip to the bottom and feel free to drop your well-wishes, or complaints about my absence down there. I appreciate them both equally.


It all started when I was born…

Too far back? Okay, it all REALLY started a few months ago. A normal morning like many other before it, I was getting ready for work, when suddenly, I blacked out, hit my head, split it open. All sorts of fun stuff, right? Those of you who follow my Twitter, or had been following the collab with Plyasm (which has been cancelled because he’s a lazy turd) should already be familiar with this story.


Well, about a month or two later, the scar on my head had fully healed, but my neck was still in severe pain. The Chiropractor was unable to fix it, and eventually my doctor diagnosed it as broken, likely in the fall. However, because a fall like that really shouldn’t have been able to break my neck, so I went in to get a CT scan and an MRI done.

And, well… that’s when the REAL fun started… (heavily sarcastic undertones here, by the way.)

The scans discovered that a large tumor had been growing in my c3 vertebrae, weakening it immensely to the point where it had cracked, and due to the tumor, was not going to heal at all. in fact, it had eaten away the bone structure to the point where the doctors surmised that in only a few more months, the bone would collapse on itself, severing my spinal cord in the process. In medical terms, they call that “really, really not good.”

In case you were curious what a tumor-ridden vertebrae looks like… here ya go.

I doubt you need a medical license to spot the problem here…

So basically, visiting the neurosurgeon, I was given two options.

  1. Have an operation to remove the affected vertebrae and have it replaced, and fused to the bones above and below it. A pretty invasive operation, with a chance for some side-effects due to proximity to the spinal column and several major arteries.
  2. Leave it, stay in pain until the bone collapses on itself, severing my spinal cord and causing, worst case instant death, best case i’d be paralyzed and on a ventilator for life.

You can probably guess which one I chose.

Slowly becoming the bionic man…

So, this lucky guy right here got to spend his 23rd birthday under anesthesia on an operating table in the hospital. Just… so much fun.

Well, anyways, since i’m no longer at risk of death, I’m just focusing on recovery. Which has been a pretty long and painful road, I’m not gonna lie. So while I’ve been trying to keep up with the Kimetsu no Yaiba collab (and begging for understanding and mercy from Aria…) I haven’t had much energy to write other blog posts.

Again, I do apologize.

Hopefully when I’m feeling well enough, i’ll be back to my regular blogging routine. which… hopefully won’t be too much longer. I need to get back to my job so I can pay the Gacha rolls bills.

6 thoughts on “Life, am I right?

  1. To be fair, I only complain if the occasion warrants it. Since you were only going through temporary problems up until you announced you had a tumour (yes – as harsh as it may seem, I am including “splitting your head open” as a temporary problem), that was a cause for complaint, knowing how lousy you usually are at keeping track of collab things.

    The only complaints I do want to apologise for, if any, would be the one I had when you uploaded the tumour pictures, but that was because I said “no thank you” to them already and tried to switch the topic as a result (this may have gone unnoticed in all the @ing), plus the scenario with the colour making links unnoticeable (which was my fault for not checking), so sorry for those. Do prioritise your health though and communicate with Moya and I if you’re doing so terribly you need to mandate skipping a post, ‘cos that’s the only way we’ll know about these things.

    Speaking of complaints, you’re (as of this comment) missing the screenshot for ep. 9’s screenshot question…which is mandatory.

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