Dororo Episodes 9 & 10: Demons of the Past (with Plyasm)

Well well, it’s been a rough few weeks still, but we’re finally pretty much caught up with the shows again (thankfully). Life has a funny way of making sure to get right in the way of lots of long-running plans, doesn’t it? I mean seriously, it’s like one thing after another lately… And that goes for both of us.

On the other hand, Ply and I have had a fun time discussing both shows as of late. Shield Hero has been pretty relaxed, for the most part, but it’s still a fun watch. On the other hand, Dororo just keeps on getting better and better every week. It’s turned out to be much more than we’d anticipated… and it’s scheduled for a 24-episode run, as well.

But hey, that’s enough chitter-chatter yeah? Let’s get to the show.

Is this the real life? (Me)

Is it just fantasy? (Ply)

(All equally dead inside)

What are your general thoughts for this episode?

SO. FREAKING. GOOD. I absolutely adore this series, for real. It’s just so good, and every new plot twist is just more nuts than the last. Definitely my favorite show of the season, but more than that, these episodes set up things so well for even more crazy developments.

Very good! The very shocking reveal of Dororo actually being a girl aside, these two episodes have set some good pace and build up for what’s coming, the confrontation between Hyakkimaru and his father and brother. Furthermore, while we are at it, we got to know so much more about Dororo and his past. I really liked her mother. She refuses to bow down to life and become its bitch–even if it eventually cost her her life. And she even passed on that undying spirit to Dororo, and I feel like the main reason Dororo was able to survive for so long on her own was mostly because of the grit she learnt from her mother.

Episode 9 definitely went right for the feels.


Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)

I’ve honestly kind of given up trying to predict what’ll happen next in this show… other than it just being really good. But I sense chaos on the winds…

I couldn’t really predict what was going to happen next, but what has happened has definitely been on par with what I’ve come to expect from the show. Well done yet again MAPPA. So glad this show is 24 episodes!!

MAPPA is really knocking it out of the park here, huh? Keeping us guessing at what’ll happen next, with solid quality all the way through.

What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why) 

I think there will probably be some drama to reoccur from Dororo’s past, with that Itachi guy. There was also the confrontation between Hyakkimaru and his brother, so that’ll be interesting to see. Overall, exciting things incoming.

We are finally gonna get to see Hyakkimaru vs his father!!!!!! (I think)

Conflict. Confrontation. Brothers, estranged, now coming face to face?? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z Dororo!!

Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?

Hmm, good question. I think at this point, i’m still unsure what to think about Hyakki’s brother. He seems to be a good kid, but who knows if he’ll end up being a friend or an enemy in the future… At the very least, he seems to genuinely care about the citizens under his rule, and his generally upstanding attitude is pretty admirable. 

Probably to Dororo being a girl all along. I myself was pretty convinced she was a boy up till that moment, but geez, that just blew me away. But, now that I’m thinking about it now(and after reading other people’s thoughts on it), I am convinced. Dororo hiding her gender is very natural. After all, the entire known world(to the common people) is at war. And what happens when there’s war? Rape, prostitution, kidnapping. I’m sure we know the second part all too well from another episode.(fuuuu now I feel bad…) Dororo hiding her gender will protect her from everything.

It really makes Dororo’s witnessing Mio’s “job” that much more striking.

Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

I really like the development we got for Dororo in episode 9. I think knowing HER past has really helped to flesh out her character. Watching her mom doing everything she can to take care of her, it really hits home how hard Dororo’s had it so far, and how she’s struggled so hard to survive. Also Dororo is a girl, who knew?

Like I said, her mom. Great character overall. I can totally understand how Dororo became how she is with a mom like that.

Can we boot the “best girl” contest in favor of “best mom”? Because we’ve got a contender here. Anime needs more incredible moms like this.

What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?

The high point for me was definitely the flashback to Dororo’s past. Absolutely heartbreaking, and very, very well written and presented. The show just continues to get darker and more intense, but this was for sure one of the best moments so far.

When Hyakkimaru appeared and slain the crab monster. It was at the moment I knew, the confrontation is inevitable. Amazing moment right there.


Interesting choice. I really can’t wait to see more interactions between Hyakkimaru and his brother. Things are getting INTENSE.

What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)

Honestly, trying to complain about this show always feels like nitpicking. Possibly the crab, which was a bit less well-animated than the monsters tend to be, but perhaps that’s a signal for more intense things to come?

There was OST being repeated for a bit there in episode 10. Perhaps the choice in variety could have been better.

I didn’t notice the OST being repeated, honestly…

What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?

Sad as this might be, I can kind of relate to Itachi’s decision. Fighting the samurai was kind of a losing battle… living in poverty and fearing for your life every day. It might not have been the most morally upstanding decision, but I understand his intentions.

Hyakkimaru’s brother’s choice to help the villagers. Not listening to your population is one sure way to get your regime toppled.

Apparently that’s a concept that’s hard to understand…

Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

I think that Hyakki’s bro made a great choice in trying to help the village. Whether he did it out of morals, or for a sense of duty as the son of the ruler, I admire his resolve, and I think he did the right thing.

If I was Dororo, I might have went to seek help from Itachi to be honest. I’m not as headstrong as the Dororo family, and surviving is always the most important thing right? Even if you lose your dignity, you can always get it back all in one fell swoop. What’s important is living long enough to see that day. Buuuut, I see Dororo has found her own way to survive, namely to steal from other people.

Dororo’s got a good head on her shoulders. Very good character, all around.

Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)

I picked this scene. It’s got such a vivid sense of symbolism, especially as the flowers have been tied to blood and death in the past. The bright red contrasts starkly with the grayed-out backgrounds, and this whole sequence was just beautifully done.


Nice scenery as always.

Well, what a good set of episodes, and we’re finally caught back up, pretty much. Hopefully we can stay on top of things (fingers crossed, eh?) But it looks like things are really shaping up for a bit of a climax in both Dororo and in Shield Hero.

Speaking of Shield Hero, make sure to go and check out our reviews of Shield Hero episodes 9 & 10 over on Ply’s blog! Let us know how you guys are personally enjoying these two series down in the comments, and please let us know where you guys think the stories are going to go from here on out!

Thank you all so much for reading, and I’ll see all you awesome peeps in the next post.

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