Boogiepop: First Impressions

Well, I’d intended to have this post out much earlier… but midterms came in like a wrecking ball and made my schedule pretty chaotic this week, so I do apologize for the delay. That being said, Boogiepop was one of my anticipated picks coming into the season. I’ve heard a lot about the original works, and so had some pretty high hopes going into it.

… What on earth happened???

I am shaking, indeed…

The first episode was, frankly, awful, at least in my opinion. A near-incomprehensible mess of disjointed dialogue and questionable character choices, a forgettable soundtrack, and most noticeable of all… it’s just ugly. Knowing that the animation work was done by one of my favorite studios, Madhouse, who have consistently delivered such beautiful works as No Game Mo Life, Yorimoi, and OnePunch Man… this was honestly an enormous letdown for me.

I’ll give it a few more episodes to see if things improve; maybe they can really make something out of the story. However, judged purely on the first episode alone, Boogiepop seems to be an absolute mess.

Hello, supposedly important character.

It’s really a shame, truth be told. The premise is interesting, the story elements are there, and Madhouse is known for their stunning production values and overall beautiful works. But those facts really only make the disappointment sting even more, overall. Slow, disjointed dialogue, poor pacing, and generic framing make the show seem rather dull and uninspired, honestly.

Well, those are just my impressions, anyways. I’d love to get you guys’ opinions on the show! If you’ve seen further than I’ve managed to, is the story shaping up? Are you enjoying it? Or are you similarly disappointed? Let me know down in the comments!! Thank you guys so much for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post.

6 thoughts on “Boogiepop: First Impressions

  1. The second arc seems to be improving but the show is a mess and I agree that it is hideous. What has kept me watching is that potentially intriguing premise of the story but I’m not hooked by any of the characters, the execution of the plot has so far been deliberately painful and realistically I’m not sure that this is going to find its feet. That said, by episode 5 it seems to be getting a bit better and there’s at least the potential for it finding its feet eventually.

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  2. Honestly I got hooked on the opening and ending songs, idk why but I really love them. As for the pacing and stroyline, I agree, it’s really hard to follow and later episodes don’t make much sense in connection to the first one (or maybe two), or maybe that’s just me. I’ve watched all 6 ep so far and it does get better. Surprisingly I don’t mind the visuals at all, I think it’s on purpose the way it is, to show the ugly underbelly of the cruel stories we follow? They are no Violent Evergarden, that’s for sure, but not too bad to make me stop watching either. First two episodes really got me hooked, not yet sure what intrigued me so much? Maybe the fact things are not laid out directly and I really have to think about what I just watched? I’ll probably follow it to the end, see whole season.

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  4. Only seen 3 episodes and while I tend to like this disjointed way of conveying a story (that’s part of the fun of Princess Principal and Concrete Revolutio), you can’t tell where in the timeline you’ve landed in this show once there’s a temporal shift, which really disorients. Episode 3 does clear some stuff up though, so…give it that much.

    The aesthetic sems to be going for a 90s look, as if it’s a homage to both Phantom and the LNs. Well…there’s a reason we left the 90s look behind 20 years ago…

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