Girly Air Force: First Impressions

Hello everyone, welcome to the start of my seasonal first impressions for the Winter 2019 season. I’m totally not weeks late to the party due to trying to finish up some stuff form last year, plus the chaos that is life… Nope, I’m right on time. I promise.

Anyways, why did I start with this show, out of all the many shows airing this season? (Well, except for Dororo and Shield Hero that I’m doing for the collab with Ply…) That’s a very simple answer. A game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo. And well, this is the show I ended up settling on to watch first. But hey, i’m not complaining. As a history buff into things like WWI/WWII and stuff like that, this show seemed kind of right up my alley, since it has to do with fighter planes and such, right?

Well, things start off pretty well. The aerial dogfights are just awesome; the fluid way that the Xi move through the sky was excellently done, a great use of CGI. The colors, sound, and general action was really well-done, and made me interested to see where things were going next. And then… well, things start going downhill.

Hello plastic plane

For one thing, the red plane, the main plane so far in the series, just seems so static when it’s on screen. In sharp contrast to the Xi, who have these crazy phalanges that twist and turn to help them maneuver in the sky, the plane feels like a plastic toy zooming around. You can’t even see any flaps going on it, which was a shame, and really broke my immersion during the dogfights.

The story, too, is pretty generic; random aliens/unknowns invading earth and people need to stop them or else bad things will be bad. Ham-handed dialogue and exposition, a stupid and dense main character whose single-minded determination to “kill all the bad things” makes people worry about him… And then there’s this pink girl who shows up suddenly then just kisses him out of the blue. Is she gonna grow horns and start calling him Darling??

Deja Vu… I’ve been in this place before…

Overall, I’d say the first few episodes of this show were… pretty underwhelming. As much as it does some things right, it also does some things wrong, and compared to some of the great things on the roster this year… well, I’ll be surprised if I stick with this one.

But that’s enough about what I thought. What do you guys think of Girly Air Force so far? Do you like it, or nah? Let me know down in the comments, please! Anywho, thank you all so much for reading, and i’ll see you guys in the next post.

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