Winter Special: My Top 5 Snowscapes in Anime

It’s Day 7 of the 12 Days of Anime, and today, in spirit of the winter season, I thought i’d take a look at some of my favorite shows with snowy scenes. To be more specific, this is looking at specific scenes in particular, and not the anime as a whole. I’ve chosen each scene not only for the impact if left on me, but also for the way it meets specific themes. Also, i’m not putting these in any particular order, as I can’t really rank them best to worst; they’re all really, really good.

Fate/Zero – Family


When I think of snowy scenes in Anime, I always think first of Fate/Zero. Illyasviel and Kiritsugu playing together in the snow outside Castle Einzbern is such a wonderful, heartwarming scene. It serves to show just how valuable his family is to Kiritsugu, and how much is riding on his success in the upcoming Grail War. As Christmas is always a time for family, this scene also fits quite well into this theme.


In my opinion, this is one of the most iconic and memorable snowy scenes in Anime. Of course, part of it might be cue to some of my personal bias towards the Fate franchise, but I do really love this scene. After all, it makes all that comes next that much more heartbreaking.

Erased – Childlike Wonder


Erased is an interesting show, one that I have a bit of a mixed opinion about. I greatly enjoyed a lot of things about it, while some other things I wasn’t as big a fan of. One thing that did stick in my mind, however, was the use of snow in the series.


Erased uses snow in an incredibly interesting way. While the cold white blanket covering much of the show’s setting does lend itself to the more whimsical and childlike fantasy that fills much of the show’s runtime, as the children rediscover friendships and explore their city, it also lends an equal portion of brooding solemnity to every scene. Like something dark lurking just beneath the soft white crust.

Land of the Lustrous – Loneliness


Land of the Lustrous was one of my favorite releases of last year. With shockingly beautiful visuals and camera work, using 3DCG in creative ways, I think the show took most of the community by surprise with how excellent it turned out. I can’t help but include, then, the wonderful snowscape presented to us in the later episodes of the show.


Land of the Lustrous does an incredible job capturing a sense of loneliness with these scenes. Phos and Antarc are the only ones active during the winter season, and seeing their lonesome trek across the snow-filled fields is a sight to behold, for sure. With the beautiful art direction of the show, combined with a very subdued amount of noise, you can’t help but understand the loneliness that Phos feels during these winter months.

Kanon – Sadness


A very old show, Kanon still remins one of my favorite romance/drama series of all time. It’s a show I’ve never quite gotten over, and even thinking about it now threatens to make me tear up. it’s no surprise, then, that the snow-filled rural town setting of Kanon is making this list, having left such a lasting impact on me.


Kanon is a sad, sad story. The cold snow that blankets the town gives a light, white backdrop to the rather grim and oppressive story that takes place here. The cast struggles, and works to overcome their vices, their past, and look towards the future, but many tears are shed along the way, mixing into the snow and vanishing without a trace. It’s a beautiful sort of melancholy.

A Place Further Than the Universe – New Beginnings


A Place Further Than the Universe, or Yorimoi, is one of my absolute favorite shows from this year. A show that came out of nowhere and blew me away with a heartfelt story of youth and self-discovery. Each of the girls in the main cast makes their way to Antarctica, each of them carrying their own baggage with them on the journey.


While on the bottom of the world, however, they each learn how to let go, free themselves, and allow themselves to move forward with their once stagnating lives once again. The snowy shores of Antarctica represent a new beginning to these girls, and by the time they depart, headed back towards civilization, they’ve left much that they had brought behind.


11 thoughts on “Winter Special: My Top 5 Snowscapes in Anime

  1. Of all the examples you mentioned, the only one I’ve seen is Kanon and I’ve seen episodes of both the original and the remake. One obvious anime to me would be Yugo the Negotiator’s Siberia arc. Even though there are issues with the animation style in that part of the series, it does succeed in the background to show desolation and adds to the harsh reality of Yugo’s mission to rescue Nadenka.

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      1. Yes, you should. It’s one of my favorite anime series and one of the most underrated series of all time in my opinion. Granted, it’s not some otaku-bait or some flashy series, but I would strongly recommend it if you like seinen stuff, more realistic storytelling, geography, or seeing heroic characters who don’t resort to violence to get the job done.

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