Goblin Slayer – Episode 9

We’ve spent a solid 4 episodes in the lake town now, as our party of misfits works to clear out the Goblins that infest the sewers beneath the city. Well, I don’t really think it needs to be said outright, but this episode looked absolutely gorgeous. Like hot dog, some of the shots in this episode were absolutely fantastic to look at, and it might have even been the best-looking episode so far.

Brilliant strategy.

The first half of this episode is basically dedicated to action. And I really don’t have a problem with that, because it was some pretty awesome, heart-pounding action, as the party finds themselves cornered in the chapel with a horde of goblins closing in fast. with little time to spare, they concoct a strategy, and Goblin Slayer leads them into wiping out the whole horde by… bringing down the entire ceiling.

I want to know his total kill count.

Well, at least it wasn’t fire, water, or poison, right?

He was slaying goblins. What else?

Afterwards, the party heads back to town to regroup… but Goblin Slayer isn’t done with things quite yet. He heads back to Sword Maiden, and has some very interesting things to say… Well, yeah, the goblins beneath the city were a bit suspicious, especially seeing as how none of the adventurers in the town seemed concerned about it. So, he asks the person who would likely have the most to say about all this.

Have you MET the guy?


Unfortunately, the dialogue in the episode was a bit confusing, and didn’t really get across the point that was SUPPOSED to be made. Basically, the cult of evildoers who had put that mirror there in the first place had already been wiped out. Sword Maiden knew about the mirror, but didn’t deal with it, because she didn’t want people to think that she, one of the heroes of the world, was afraid of goblins. And deep down, she wanted others to understand that fear, so she let them be until they started to become a real problem.

Probably lots of ’em, to be honest.

She might be a saint, or something, but she’s still human. And humans are, in part, at least, somewhat selfish creatures. This was her way of getting back at the world, though it’s a bit childish. Unfortunately, again, the Anime doesn’t handle the characters and dialogue very delicately, which is a shame.

You have a strange idea of “Fun”

Overall, though, it was a nice episode. Some great action, some character moments with Sword Maiden, Goblin Slayer, and of course that lovely lighthearted scene at the end where they’re all just riding and talking about ice cream. Moments like that really help cut through the darkness and make the show still a good watch, in the end.

Priestess is still the cutest

So, while i’m a bit disappointed in how they’re handling the characters, i’m still definitely enjoying the series overall. What are you guys thinking about this series so far? we’ve only got a few episodes left to go, so how do you guys estimate it’ll turn out? Let me know down in the comments, and i’ll see you all in the next post!


One thought on “Goblin Slayer – Episode 9

  1. I’m enjoying the series as a whole. It isn’t without some problems, particularly the fact that if I hadn’t read the novels I’m kind of certain I’d have been lost in that conversation between Sword Maiden and Goblin Slayer, but so far its been fun and I’m looking forward to seeing how this season wraps up.

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