Zombie Land Saga – Episode 9

Finally, FINALLY, we get an episode devoted to our favorite little punk, Saki! Honestly, i’ve been waiting for this moment since Episode 2, and i’m happily not disappointed. While it wasn’t nearly as emotionally heavy-hitting as episode 8, it still managed to deliver a great story, and in my opinion, the coolest concert Franchouchou has done yet!

Honestly, this is one of the prettiest shots of the season

Saki, as we know, used to be in a biker gang, before she died. With the few flashbacks we’re given, we get to see her romping around with her best friend in the team… and back in the present day, the girls meet a couple of girls who act like, well… a poor imitation of Saki.

What are these faces, seriously??

Like honestly, these girls need some teaching on how to be a REAL punk! Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping that Saki would beat some sense into ’em, but… well, it turned out all right in the end.

Says the zombie…

I think the thing I enjoyed most about the episode was how Saki’s old friend was really trying hard to be a good mother, to raise a family properly. Just shows that even though she liked biking and carousing, she was thinking a lot about the future… something that Saki never really seemed to do. However, with some trouble going down, she still steps forward to protect her kid.

I just can’t get enough of her!

Saki gets a chance to demonstrate what I think is her best attribute in this episode. She’s a total punk, and a rebel, but she’s honestly really caring at heart. She has no qualms with correcting people, or stepping up to protect something she believes in. The world needs more people like her, who don’t just go along with the flow, who are able to take action without even a moment of hesitation.

Trying to dissuade Saki is like trying to stop the world from spinning

While I love Saki, I always thought it a little strange that everyone went along with her being the leader of Franchouchou. But I think, it’s her unflinching willppower and natural charisma that we get to see on display that allows her to be the leader of the group, even when there are celebrities and legends among them.

How can she be so awesome and so adorable at the same time??

Also, seeing Saki finally get to take the lead vocals was just awesome!!!

Rock on, Saki. Rock on.

Basically, what i’m trying to say is… Saki is best girl, and I love her to bits, because she is amazing. But what do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments! Thank you all so very much for reading, and i’ll see you in the next post!

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