Zombie Land Saga – Episode 8

Whew… what an episode. I really wasn’t expecting what came out of this one, and honestly… out of all the shows i’m watching this season, I did not expect THIS to be the one that made me shed a tear. I mean, really, was anyone, ANYONE AT ALL expecting what came out of this episode?

Remove your head and absorb lightning, apparently…

This episode was all about Lily, as the girls finally encounter someone who knew them in life. Lily’s father recognizes her, and gets into an altercation with Saki when he tries to talk to Lily, due to his scary appearance. After this, we learn a lot more about Lily’s past, her family situation, and how she got into showbiz. And, of course, how she ended up dying.

I feel ashamed for having laughed at this part…

Of course, the internet being the internet, this episode has generated a whole lot of conversation around it, as we find out that Lily was actually a boy, named Masao. And of course, having a transgender character is bound to generate a lot of controversy around the place… which is STUPID!

Who cares if Lily’s trans, or whatever. That fact doesn’t really change her character much, and the episode doesn’t really dwell on it. It’s not trying to push any agenda, that’s just part of who she is. And that’s perfectly fine. This episode was incredibly heartfelt and, honestly, beautifully written, and that fact remains the same, whether Lily was born a boy or a girl.

Always a problem when parents work to get their kids into showbiz…

I don’t really enjoy discussing stuff like that, because there’s always people with extreme views to one side or another, but I thought this episode was really, really good. The final concert that the girls put on to help ease the heart of Lily’s father was amazing, a beautifully written song, well choreographed, and I believe that some very genuine emotion, and a lot of love, was put into that scene.

This song seriously had me tearing up!

After all, family is forever, right? Even if you’re a zombie. Anyways, that about sums up my thoughts on this episode. I think it was a great episode, and a lot of the controversy going around it is just kind of silly, in my opinion. But in the end, that’s just my opinion. What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know down in the comments, thanks for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

Obligatory pic of Saki-chan ❤

6 thoughts on “Zombie Land Saga – Episode 8

  1. I was not expecting to cry at Zombieland Saga, either!! I think this anime might be my favorite of the season, and maybe one of my top faves for the whole year.

    & yeah, I agree, it’s a shame that Lily’s character sparked a debate…I get why people were excited that a trans character was part of the story, but I don’t understand people getting mad about it. Like, you can accept that these girls are idol zombies but not that one is a transgender zombie????? haha. Plus, it’s just a really good episode overall. Everyone should at least be able to agree on that, haha!

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    1. People have a tendency to get upset when things managed to overturn their expectations, or when things end up being not the way that they had expected them to be, I’ve noticed.

      the interesting thing about this episode was that the thing that people are throwing a fit over was really one of the more minor points of the episode at compared to the actual story that was going on was really only used for comedic effect.

      I still think that my favorite show of the season is bunny girl, but zombieland has really been doing an amazing job of standing out this season and I do not regret for a moment picking it up.


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