Zombie Land Saga – Episode 6

Well, it’s already Episode 6, halfway through the season… and honestly, this marks my favorite episode of the show so far. And that’s saying something, since i’ve loved every episode so far. While the show drew me in with the unique musical performances and crazy antics, this episode gave me what you guys know i’ve been BEGGING for since episode one – Character Development.

I love character-focused stories. That’s one of the reasons i’m loving Bunny Girl Senpai this season as well. I was really hoping that Zombie Land Saga would have some decent character development, but I was starting to lose hope… until now, that is!! Episode 6 was all about the characters and their personalities, each coping with their own ideas about what being an idol truly means.

A conflict of ideologies, one that spans the eras of Idol culture

Ai and Junko, the “celebrity pair”, each have their own opinion on how to be a successful idol, and how to deal with their growing fanbase. we learn about their opinions, their worries, and their personalities, as well as how they both ended up dead. Speaking of which… it seems like Sakura is the only one who doesn’t remember her life before death, other than some flashes of memory now and again. I wonder why that is?

The episode managed to keep the comedy intact while still delivering a pretty genuine and heartwarming episode of character choices, something that can be difficult to accomplish. I can’t wait to learn about the rest of the girls, especially Yugiri, and Tae, who both seem pretty wrapped in mystery compared to the rest.

She looks like she really enjoys singing…

My favorite character is still Saki, by the way. The way she’s constantly able to be so genuine and speak her mind about everyone and everything is really awesome. While I questioned the wisdom of making her the group leader, it seems she’s quickly becoming a major pillar of support for the rest of the girls, as her initial standoffish attitude is replaced by genuine concern for her comrades.

I’m just loving this show more and more with each passing episode, and I just… I need more! It’s turning out to be so freakin good, I really can’t wait to see the rest of the show. We need more original works like this in the industry, they just bring so many fresh and new ideas to the board. Anyways, thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and i’ll see you in the next post!

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