Zombie Land Saga – Episode 5

These girls are just too adorable

Seriously, this show just keeps surprising me, every episode brings us some new fun adventures from these adorable zombie girls. What a fun and hilarious episode, with the focus being far less on their idol  song and dance, and much more on the girls themselves and their antics. Plus, we got to see some more of the dorky Kotaro, as the girls seem to have learned how to deal with him.

It’s all about publicity in this episode, with the girls first starring in a commercial shoot for the local chicken restaurant, and afterwards participating in the Kashima Gatalympics, a silly sort of game where the contestants usually end up covered in mud.

Saki is just a delight every time she’s on screen

I think my favorite part of this show, however, has to be just how much fun everyone in the cast seems to be having with it. I mean, obviously, Mamoru Miyano is having an absolute blast with the show. But, they also brought in the ACTUAL CEO of Drive-in Tori to portray himself in the show. They used the original TV ad and song from Drive-in Tori during the episode! And the seiyuu for Lily, Minami Tanaka, actually participated in the Gatalympics, wearing a Franchouchou T-shirt!! If that’s not some epic breaking of the 4th wall, I don’t know what is!

Not gonna lie, this looks equal parts fun and awful. Also, you can’t really see her Franchouchou branding anymore…

I mean, the show is doing so many things to showcase the actual culture and people of Saga, while at the same time engaging the community and the cast together in a beautiful effort. Not only does it help me enjoy the show a lot more, but I actually feel like visiting Saga now! Of course, it helps that the show still looks great, with very highly-detailed and animated expressions on all the characters… man, this show just makes me so stupidly happy every time I watch it.

Anyways, that’s enough out of me for now. I hope everyone is loving this show, and if you haven’t yet given in a try… well, you definitely should. It’s hilarious, an absolute joy to watch, and certainly one of my favorite anime so far this year. Anyways, thank you all so much for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

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