Zombie Land Saga – Episode 4

While I honestly wasn’t nearly as enamored by Episode 3 as I was by the first two episodes of this show, Episode 4 is really looking back to form with some stellar comedy spanning the entire episode. I seriously enjoyed this episode, and I hope things stay this fun and free.

This episode had a much lesser focus on the musical portion, a much stronger focus on the girls themselves and their interactions. I really, really enjoyed seeing them interact and have fun around town, giving us some great insight into their individual personalities and interests. Honestly, with the amazing production values and beautifully expressive models, these girls are an absolute joy to watch on screen.


The idol show this time was a lot nicer to watch than the one in Episode 3. The shading was a lot nicer on the CG, and the running around the room really helped break things up so it didn’t drag on for too long.

The return to the horror vibe from the first episode was a great scene as well. Seeing what these adorable zombie girls look like to the outside viewer was a refreshing treat, and seeing them stumble around trying to fix the mess they caused, was just way too much fun.

I seriously love this cast~~

It may not be a deep, thought-provoking, or groundbreaking show, but it’s buckets of fun and oozes charm, and I love the show for that. I hope we get more episodes like this one, and maybe some more surprises like we got in the first two. Anywho, thank you all so much for reading, and I hope to see you all in the next post!

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