Zombie Land Saga – Episode 3

Finally got around to watching Episode 3 of Zombie Land Saga. And I am happy to say, i’m still very much enjoying the series. I must admit that i’m a bit of a sucker for idol shows, ever since I got invested in the Macross franchise, which led me to watching Love Live!. So maybe my opinion’s a bit biased. Even so, I did enjoy episode 3 quite a bit.

This series has such a fun and colorful cast. Between the various zombie girls and the mysterious but enigmatic Kotaro, there’s a ton of potential for various shenanigans and some great character interactions. I do need to voice a complaint that, so far, we haven’t gotten nearly as much character development as I would like to see, but i’m hopeful that once the girls manage to establish themselves in their new situation somewhat, there will be more room for growth.


The show is constantly high-energy, but in a meaningful and fun way; the bright visuals and energetic performances of the characters aren’t going to waste. And finally, 3 episodes in, our zombie girls finally get to perform a show like actual idols. Of course, it goes about as well as expected.

It’s a very petty complaint, but with how great this show looks ordinarily, they really could have done a better job with the performance scene. The jump to CG was pretty jarring, especially given the middling quality of the CG used. As a point of comparison, the original Love Live! aired in 2013, and also used 3DCG for the dance scenes. However, it was always tastefully used, and very high-quality, to the point where it wasn’t disruptive to the viewing experience. The constant jumping from 3D to 2D and back again in this episode was somewhat irritating to me, but maybe i’m just being overly nitpicky.


Even with my complaints, I did still enjoy this episode, and definitely plan to keep watching. I think this is a show that can either be enjoyed well, or disliked, so please, let me know what you guys think of it down in the comments! Thank you all for reading, and i’ll see you in the next post!

One thought on “Zombie Land Saga – Episode 3

  1. Nope…you are not biased at all. I love the show still as well: and I don’t like comedies or idol shows. I don’t know there is just something that really works in this anime, and like you I am enjoying it very much myself. Opinions have definitely been mixed for this one so far. With some people even downright hating it. But I’m definitely with you on this: this just is a really fun show 😊

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