Zombie Land SAGA – Episode 2

Zombie Land SAGA might just be the biggest surprise of the season for me. While episode one was really, really good, Episode 2 has absolutely blown my expectations out of the water entirely. After all, who could have expected that a show about Zombie… Idols? Would be so surprisingly good?

While episode one was just a joy to watch… episode two absolutely blew me away. Well… most of the girls are active now, apart from Tae-chan, and each of them has such a vivid and different personality… oh gosh, i’m gonna start gushing about character interactions again. With Mamoru Miyano as the crazy producer, you’ve already got a great start there. But these girls aren’t just zombies… they’re girls. And they really act like it.

Priorities = in order

But hey, let’s start beating around the bush, and get to the REAL gem of this episode, shall we? I mean, hey, while I can still talk about how nice the show looks, how the characters work well with each other, and more… the thing that really stole the show was one scene in particular. And, you know what? If you haven’t seen it yet… give it a watch.

How’s that for a freaking awesome scene? It basically comes out of nowhere, and Sakura freakin’ NAILS IT! This is what I call taking full advantage of what makes a show special and unique. It’s an original production, of course, so the studio has full freedom over the developments. And i’ve gotta say… nice!

This show is absolutely a pleasure to watch. The facial expression work is especially impressive; I mean, just look at it. You can take a still shot from just about any scene in the show, and it’s always so full of energy, of life… or, uh… UN-life? Either way, I’m absolutely loving it.

This scene literally had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

If we get new, fresh and exciting scenes like this every new episode, this show is gonna take us all for a wonderful, wild ride. And that’s a good thing! I can’t wait to see where things are going for this show… and honestly, as things stand currently, it’s a strong contender for my personal Anime of the Season!

That’s enough out of me, though. I highly encourage everyone to give this show a try this season. For those of you who are giving this one a shot, what are you thinking of it so far? Are you as surprised and impressed as I am, or is it not really your cup of tea? let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see you all in the next post!

7 thoughts on “Zombie Land SAGA – Episode 2

  1. Well, the thing I am surprised about the most is the fact that I normally really don’t like comedies…and I am really enjoying this one. It’s maybe the zombie theme, or the fact that it’s really well done, or the characters…or just simply a combinations of all three. Either way…I’m just really liking this series: so I definitely agree with you 😊

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    1. I think the show does a great job balancing out the comedy with the characters and everything else it’s doing. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel as much like a Comedy show. Or even an Idol show, for that matter… though that might change later on.

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  3. Even just by reading people’s episode review titles, you can be spoilt on this show…not yours specifically, but someone else decided to call theirs “Rap Zombie Rap” and that made that punchline lose its edge a bit. Welp, if I’ve seen anime-style boys rap (Hypnosis Mic and Classicaloid), I guess it was only a matter of time before anime girls did it too…

    I watched a second episode of Gridman and was a lot more impressed. That means I’m (as of typing this comment) still on the fence as to what some of my finalised shows for the season will be, but there’s a high chance of sticking around for more zombie idols doing musical things.

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    1. Dang, that’s always a bit of a shame. I generally try to keep my episodic reviews as spoiler-free as possible, usually just giving my personal impressions and feelings through the episode. It was a pretty flashy scene, though, so I get why a lot of people are buzzing about it.

      I’ll have to give Gridman another look, if it gets better in the next few episodes. Episode 1 didn’t impress me that much, but i’ll take your word as some advice!


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