Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Episode 2

What’s this? Astral’s trying the episodic review thing again? We all know how well that went during the Summer season… Yeah, I took on a bit more than I could chew with that. That’s why, during this Fall season, i’ll be following just 3 shows for episodic reviews. Try and guess which shows the other 3 are!!!

In my first impressions post about this show, I brought up how this show just feels so quality to watch, how interested and hopeful I was. This second episode only helped to reinforce those feelings. It gave us more of the same excellence from episode 1, while adding quite a bit more to the plot and emotional tension of the story.

Is it possible to eat just one stick of Pocky?

After this episode, I can definitely say that the show is giving me some serious Monogatari vibes… and that’s the highest of compliments. I mean yeah, the plot is kind of similar in that a guy is trying to help various girls overcome the supernatural afflictions that assail them… however, my main focus is on the interactions between our main characters. Sakuta and Mai are such a fun combination to watch. Their interactions are so colorful and, honestly… just feel so REAL.

I’ve always been a huge sucker for character interactions, and get super excited when the characters feel really genuine and the interactions are very smooth. The plot also seems to have really good pacing. We’re only in episode 2, but I already feel attached to these characters, and worried about their happiness.


Also, ya know, gotta have mah ship.


Honestly, everything about this show just screams quality. From the pacing to the story, the characters, voice acting, music, and visuals. It’s such a lovely, relaxing watch that was incredibly immersive for me. I don’t even really have any complaints about the show as it stands so far. I mean, if it continues to get better, it might even end up being a contender for Anime of the Year.

This moment was as awesome as it was sad.

Well… If you guys couldn’t tell, I’m really enjoying myself with this show. How are you guys enjoying it? and if you’re not watching it, but have some space on your watchlists this season, please give it a look. Anyways, thank you all for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

8 thoughts on “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Episode 2

  1. I’m with you in that I’m really enjoying this anime and provided it continues as it has been, it is definitely something I think would potentially be my favourite show this season. Still, it is early days and a lot could still go wrong with it. However, a great start and one I am very interested in seeing how it plays out.

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    1. That’s true. I really hope this manages to stick the landing, because I really want this show to succeed.

      On a related note, Karandi, you might be interested to know that the Seiyuus for Mai and Sakuta are also slated to play Raphtalia and Naofumi in Shield Hero next year, which gives me very high hopes for that show as well.

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  2. I completely agree with you. This for me right now is the best show that I am watching this season. I love the characters, and the storyline is just really amazing and highly original. Never would have guessed in a million years that an anime with this kind of title would be so much fun to watch 😊😊

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    1. Right? Anyone looking at the title of the show would be rightly concerned about watching it. I hope more people start to pick up on the show, though, since it seems like pretty much nobody’s talking about it… or maybe i’m just looking in the wrong places.

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      1. Yeah..I guess that’s true. I think it’s pretty much the title. When I first read the title, it kind of put me off from it, and I really thought this was an entirely different kind of anime than what it really is. Hopefully it will get a little bit more exposure soon. It deserves it 😊😊

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