“Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” – Setting/Worldbuilding – Part 1

As promised, everyone, here is the first post of the “Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” tag. I’ve tried to provide a bit of background to get things started off, and hopefully we’ll see some awesome stuff come out of this!

General Rules:

  1. Copy the post you were tagged in (From the Rules down, include links to each person’s post. Exclude that person’s personal comments and their tag choice, of course.)
  2. Read the general rules Here (the post will be updated as new rules appear)
  3. According to the rules for the current section, write your piece of the post.
  4. Tag a post of someone who has not yet been tagged. (Give them 3 days or so to accept, if they don’t you can choose someone else to keep the tag moving.)
  5. If you accept a tag, try and get the next piece written within a week, so things keep moving at a decent pace.
  6. Have fun!!!

Rules – Section 1: Setting/Worldbuilding

  1. Use between 100 and 300 words (a little overflow is ok but don’t go too wild), to add a piece to the setting of our Shonen world. Feel free to draw on various types of Shonen tropes, but make sure that your part of the setting follows a certain “Theme.” Themes can be such things as “Magic system”, “Politics”, “Geography”, “Technology”, “Organizations”, etc.
  2. Make sure to label the “Theme” of your piece of the world setting at the top of your section, as demonstrated below.
  3. Try not to duplicate themes.
  4. You can go into as much or as little detail as you want, as long as you stay within the word limit.
  5. Have fun with stuff, but try and make things fit into the pre-existing pieces of the world setting.

Creation Theory

Long ago, it is said that humans had advanced themselves in the sciences. Advanced themselves far enough that they called themselves the masters of the stars. They traveled the cosmos, searching for new lands and species… but their hubris angered the gods. A great war raged in the heavens, as many of the gods wished to destroy humanity for their pridefulness, while others simply wished to reprimand them and remind them of their creators once more. In the ensuing conflict, however, many worlds and many civilizations were destroyed, lost to time.

Ashamed of their actions, the gods gathered the various inhabitants of the destroyed worlds, reincarnating their souls into new bodies, though their memories of past lives were taken from them. They planted this new world atop the great World Turtle that swims across the universe, filling it with life and wonder. And so it is that those races, once destroyed, were given a second chance at life.

And that’s what I came up with. I really wanted to give an interesting, but vague background to the world, to leave a path for anything to be possible from those who are tagged to follow up with! Hopefully it’s not too cheesy or anything. Ehh, who am I kidding. Shonen settings are supposed to be kinda cheesy!

Now for the tag! *Roars with evil laughter.*

There’s a lot of awesome bloggers out there, but to get this thing started, I nominate KimchiSama! They’re an awesome blogger with some really well-written posts, and a super friendly and supportive member of the community to boot. Make sure to check out their amazing blog if you haven’t done so already! Anywho, let’s start this tag moving, and get the ideas flowing!

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