Boarding School Juliet – First Impressions

While not nearly as enthusiastically as several of the previous picks, I must say, I did enjoy this first episode of Boarding School Juliet. Taking the basic “forbidden love” concept of the original Romeo and Juliet story, and twisting it into a high-school comedy, the first episode alone opens with a number of colorful and interesting characters, not to mention ACTUAL PROGRESS.

So often in these RomCom series, we see either the hero or the heroine struggling with their emotions, trying to figure out whether or not to confess, blah blah blah. However, beneath all the comedy that this show unleashes in the first episode, I think there’s a real, solid romance series hidden behind it. Though I guess true judgement will have to wait to find out, huh?


The show also looks fantastic. Though partially responsible for the travesty that was Berserk 2016, Liden Films has also gives us some great looking shows such as Schwarzesmarken, and more recently, Hanebado. There’s also a certain flowery charm that pervades the show, a sort of Shoujo-manga aura… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Of course, it’s not ALL roses and buttercups. Apart from the fun characters and nice visuals, it does seem, for the most part, like a pretty standard, trope-filled romcom. I’m worried about quite a few issues the show might face over the course of the season.

Get outta the way of the ship, bubba

Too many characters is a problem that I see so unbelievably often in anime. They keep introducing new, sparkly personalities into the series at such a pace it becomes hard to keep track of them all, and they all blend together. Based on the OP, it seems there may be quite a few characters we’ve yet to even see a glimpse of… and that worries me.

Additionally, I will be pretty let down if, after this first episode established a romantic relationship between Persia and Inuzuka, no progress is made to develop their relationship. If there ends up being more time devoted to jokes than to romance… i’ll honestly be pretty annoyed. Because I deserve a good romance series, guys!

What being starved of good romance series feels like…

Anyways, i’ll keep this one on my watchlist for the season. If it manages to avoid the issues mentioned, I think it should turn out to be a pretty good show, all told. While the show is restricted pretty heavily due to it being on Amazon prime, for those of you who’ve given it a shot, please let me know your thoughts down in the comments! Thanks for reading, everyone, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

5 thoughts on “Boarding School Juliet – First Impressions

    1. *le gasp*

      Just kidding. I’m a bit of a Shakespeare buff myself, so of course i’ve read Romeo and Juliet quite a few times over the years. It’s a great play, but certainly not my favorite of his works.

      I’m really hoping for a solid Romance story, though. I feel like we really haven’t gotten a good romance since Just Because. And it’s been a while since anything has come out that even holds a candle to, like, Clannad, or Kanon.

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