“Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” (Tag Post Introduction)

Well, my Tag Post game has been a bit lackluster lately, i’ve neglected or forgotten about several tags that i’ve been given (sorry anyone who tagged me and I forgot about it, btw.) So… this is basically my way of making up for that. I got the idea when thinking about Shonen anime/manga, then my brain somehow thought “oh hey, shonen kinda sounds like snowman…” hence the name is a Frozen meme.

Yeah, I don’t understand my own brain, either.

So, basically, what this tag post aims to do is to create a “shonen” story out of the minds of various anibloggers, using various common tropes from Shonen stories to make up something. Well… we might end up with something awesome, or maybe just something ridiculous. But, anyways, that’s part of the fun, right??


I have to give some credit for this idea to Arthifis who made an awesome storybuilding tag chain a while back that I participated in, and i’m basing some of the core concepts of this tag post on what he created back then (with some alterations for the different style, of course.) The main difference here is while his was about writing a story with no preplanning, this is about building a world based on what we, as Otaku bloggers, see as common Shonen tropes.

Anyways, the way this’ll work is pretty simple. Tag chains will consist of rounds, each round will have 10 tags. After the 10th person adds their bit to the tag post, send the tag back to me, and i’ll update the Tag with the next piece of Rules to keep things building on each other.

General Rules:

  1. Copy the post you were tagged in (From the Rules down; include links to each person’s post.) This will help keep a running story as well as keep track of what’s been done and what hasn’t.
  2. Read the rules on This Post, along with any extra rules added (will be linked below this.)
  3. According to the rules for the current section, write your piece of the post. The rules of each section will be given in the post that starts off that section, so pay attention to how the rules change.
  4. Try to either: Apply generic Shonen tropes to your section, OR make a subversion of said generic Shonen tropes. Your choice!
  5. Tag a post of someone who has not yet been tagged. (Give them 3 days or so to accept, if they don’t you can choose someone else to keep the tag moving.)
  6. If you accept a tag, try and get the next piece written within a week, so things keep moving at a decent pace.
  7. Have fun!!!

And that’s pretty much it for the general rules. I’ll have the first post of the tag out later this week, so I hope you guys are looking forward to it… and not dreading too much being the first person tagged. I guess i’ll end this post with a small spoiler… the first section we will be covering will be:


13 thoughts on ““Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” (Tag Post Introduction)

  1. This sound exciting!!! Will try my best to follow this one close eheh! Thank you for the shot out and it’s an honor to see a blogger like you, who I deeply respect, taking some inspiration from my tag! So, thank you for that! You just made my day eheh

    Liked by 1 person

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