200 Follower Q-and-A Special!

Sorry for the late release on this post, i’ve been working a lot with scheduling and stuff, trying to get back into a semblance of a rhythm. Once again, i’d like to say a big thanks to the 200 (actually 208 now) people following my blog! Your support means a lot to me, and I love reading your comments and trading thoughts with you. Anyways, let’s just right into the Q-and-A session with the questions left on the previous post talking about this.


Good question! There’s actually a rather interesting story behind that, which kind of started a few years ago. I played pretty extensively on a Minecraft server at the time, one which had a pretty high focus on roleplay. Myself and some of the other members of the server had formed a group that called themselves the “Shovel Knights” (Great game, by the way. One of the best platformers i’ve ever played.) We ended up as the most powerful faction on the server, and sort of took on the role of the “villains” as well.

Anyways, for roleplay reasons, there was a battle between several different factions, during which I died. Ended up reworking my character on the server, based on a Druid I  was playing in a DnD campaign at the time. The character stuck, and I end up using it as a persona pretty often, actually. Helps that someone decided to draw my character based on a pretty vague description, which I use as my avatar on Discord and other places pretty often nowadays.

Basically, it’s something that’s kind of grown and evolved over time, many many years, and is thoroughly steeped in my own nerdiness.


Favorite spice… that’s an interesting question. Lots of different cuisines tend to use very different spices, and as I tend to cook a lot of foods from various places, it’s a little hard to quantify one single “favorite spice.”

If it’s specifically a “spice” that we’re talking about, however, i’d have to say black pepper. It’s an awesome spice that’s both cheap to acquire, and can be used pretty universally, as the taste of it complements a TON of dishes. It’s pretty incredible, i’ve found, how much the flavor of a dish can change with the addition of just a little bit of black pepper into the mix.

Another ingredient that I love to use is Garlic, for a very similar reason. It’s got a flavor that really complements a bunch of different ingredients, and garlic can be found in recipes for food from around the globe. Add it in fresh, and it’s sweet and potent. Sear it a little, however, and it loses some of its acidity in favor of a smoky, caramelized flavor. Garlic is seriously awesome.


A world without technology sounds seriously awful. Good question, though. I guess we’d first need to define what “no technology” means, right? I mean, the Wheel is technically a bit of technology, right?

Well, technicalities aside, if stuff like computers, TVs, etc. didn’t exist, my hobby would probably be Canyoneering. I really enjoy hiking through canyons, rappelling down cliff faces into deep, dark slots, climbing up slick rock faces, and basically just exploring the remote places of he planet.

There’s something really cool and special that i’ve always felt when being in those places. Like, you’re away from civilization, kind of in the middle of nowhere, honestly. Places like that’ it’s so easy to just forget about the stressors of life for a while, and just enjoy yourself.


Oh gosh… Karandi with the toughest question of the bunch, I think. I honestly think it would all depend on just HOW bad it was. A show with pretty art but nothing else gets boring after a while. A show with a good story but rubbish everything else feels disappointing, or annoying to muddle through.

I think, if anything, maybe a show that didn’t really have a story, or decent art, but one that was genuinely funny or comical, would be one that might hold my attention for the duration. It’s hard to say, but I feel like, for me, that’s kinda the only thing that would motivate me enough to stick with a confusing, badly presented show for a whole season.

Well… Unless it was, for instance, a collab, where everyone had agreed to FORCE each other to watch the awful show. That would get me to do it. But then again, that’s got its own entertainment value that’s pretty separate from the show itself.


Oooh, another great question from Raistlin. Man, I have so many things I really want to write posts about. I’ll probably get around to ’em eventually.  I don’t want to drop spoilers for too many things, but one that i’m actively working on, and should have a post out for very soon, is a post about music.

I’ve written a few posts about music, with different formats, but I don’t think any of the posts i’ve done so far have really done justice for what I want to do. So, i’ll be trying a new format, and if people enjoy it, maybe make it into a mini-series!

As far as all the other stuff I really want to write about, i’ll be getting around to most of it in the future.


And that’s all! Thanks so much to everyone who left questions for me to answer, and thanks again to all my followers! I’m going to try to get at least a few posts out every week starting now, so look forward to it! Thank you all very much for reading, and i’ll see you guys in the next post!

10 thoughts on “200 Follower Q-and-A Special!

  1. Great post! Looking forward to that music post. I used to love music a lot, but time and other interests have put it a bit on hold the last few years. But it’s never completely gone from my life 😊 Thanks for answering my question, and again: congratulations on reaching this milestone! 😊😊

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