Angels of Death – First Impressions

This is one of the shows I thought sounded pretty darn interesting from their synopsis at the start of the season, and I finally got around to watching. I’ve heard some mixed reviews from people bouncing around, but I have tried to keep in the dark as much as I can, so as to not spoil the show. So, let’s look at my first impressions.


At a glance, I really like this show. The first episode was very interesting, keeping me captivated all the way through. I adore a good murder mystery, and the creepy, horror-type vibes of this show really shone through, making a very suspenseful and mysterious experience.

Rachel (for some reason I want to call her Alice. Like, doesn’t she seem like an Alice?) is a young girl who wakes up in a strange room, her last memories being in a hospital. She finds odd messages on the walls, and an elevator up to the next floor. When she emerges on the next floor up, she finds a serial killer waiting for her, and each floor she ascends brings more and deeper mysteries…


It’s not a definite thing, but the first episode was really, really strong. I feel the first floor could have been made a little longer, and the second shortened a bit, but all in all, it was good. The mystery is kept tantalizingly far away, and I need to know more about Rachel and her past. Why is she there? What is this place? Who are these nutjobs that live here?

The show makes great use of dynamic camera angles to direct viewer attention and create a sense of unease that slowly builds, combined with the effectively spooky music, and the feeling that something is just… off, about everything. Rachel, the building, and everyone else, of course. The OP for the show are pretty average, to be honest, but the bits of soundtrack so far more than make up for that… and the ED might just be the best of the season.


Comparing it to something…. it’s giving me a Danganronpa sort of vibe, which makes sense, since I believe this show is also based off a game. I’ll keep it on my watchlist for now, and see how it evolves, because even if others don’t enjoy it as much, maybe I will. Never know.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say on this first episode. For those of you who have seen a little further, (without spoilers) do you agree with my assessment of the first episode, and how are you enjoying the other few that have aired so far? Let me know down int he comments! Thanks so much for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

8 thoughts on “Angels of Death – First Impressions

  1. Like you I quite enjoyed the first episode. I don’t want to ruin your fun for this series though, as I always think it’s a personal experience to begin with. But all I can tell you is that the episodes after the first are just very different. I hope you will continue to have fun with it though 😊


  2. This show seems to be like 18if in that your assessment of individual episodes (or floors, if they go that way – 1 floor an episode would be too fast for a 16 episode series) will vary depending on who’s involved. I put the show on hold at episode 2, because according to Reddit, the floor involved in that episode hs a bad overall reception due to its focus on “comedy”, but the one after it has a different focus. According to one commenter, the entire game is apparently 30% horror and 70% black comedy, although just from what I’ve seen, I’d beg to differ on that…

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