Making Music – Hibana

Hey guys! This is a bit of an interesting post today, but recently i’ve been corresponding with an awesome artist from Youtube who I will refer to as Sport (their Youtube and Twitter tag is mynameissport, so I think i’m cool to call them by that name.) Anyways, they had the awesome idea of taking anime OPs and EDs, and translating them into english in a way that makes them sound natural, but still sounding awesome.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of being able to work with them on some early drafts of songs, giving feedback and ideas to help them improve, as the nerdy music buff that I am. They just came out with a new release, an English cover of Hibana, the ED for Golden Kamuy, which has been one of my favorite shows this Spring 2018 season. Give it a listen!

This song features ShiroNeko on the vocals, and the thumbnail image is donated by the awesome Blanche-Neige Cosplay! Best Asirpa costume i’ve ever seen, for sure!! The rocking music is matched excellently by the smooth and gorgeous vocals by ShiroNeko, and the English vocals keep the same rhythm as the Japanese, which is really tough to do. Make sure to check out both ShiroNeko and Blanche-Neige with the provided links!!

Anywho, Sport really puts a lot of work into each of these covers, collaborating with other artists, translation, recording, etc. They really deserve some love, so please, please check them out on Youtube, and Twitter, give them a subscription and a follow, and let them know how awesome their work is!

This is a bit of a shorter post, but I really wanted to highlight this amazing artist and the work they do, and I hope you guys enjoyed this song as much as I have.

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