Spellbooks and Horoscopes: Boueibu Happy Kiss! Episode 7

With our heroes’ teamwork beginning to improve, and both of them at full fighting force, they easily dispatched their Mahou Shoujo enemy. All that awaits them now is Boueibu… but they never could have imagined the trials they would have to face.

Aria: The number of notable female staff (director, scriptwriter etc.) on this iteration of Boueibu is a bit more noticeable in comparison to a lot of the industry, since the lineup that produced images for the pre-airing countdown was all women aside from the first and the last entries (judging by the names they’re credited by). For episode 7 specifically, there’s literally only one man on that credit list…and it kinda shows in the content.

Uh… WAT?

Astral: Yeah, i’d have to agree there. Episode 7 was actually worse than I had anticipated… though for different reasons entirely from what I was expecting to see. As a straight male, it was honestly a bit hard to take in for me, so I can see why there’d not be many guys involved with the making of the episode.

Aria: Wow, it was really that bad for you? It’s probably because they’re still dancing around the idea of what “plot” means in the larger scheme of things.

Astral: Yeah. Did you notice that in addition to the full karls knights transformation this week, we also got a full transformation scene for the Furanui knights? In past episodes it was somewhat acceptable, but with a school festival episode, you’d think they could have milked it for some extra content, adding some games or extending each game scene a bit.

Aria: Yup, I noticed that too. Admittedly, Season 1 had a more traditional school festival episode, but that one was actually episode 11, so plot actually happened there…and back in the land of Happy Kiss, I noticed the animation around the cavalry fight (or “chicken fight”) was kinda lazy in how they used the pans.

Astral: Yeah, for how consistently great-looking the animation has been so far, the number of action “still-frames” used in this episode was pretty disappointing.

Aria: I think I remember people accusing this episode of having plotholes in how the swimming competition isn’t mentioned in past seasons. If season 1’s training camp episode happens at about the same time of the year as next week’s episode (also about camping, as well as some other summery things), there would indeed be a plothole there…because you’d think an event like this would have been notable enough for its own episode in the past seasons as well.

Astral: What kind of school has a 100-year tradition of a pool competition and beauty contest, anyways? That’s a long time for such traditions to be around.

Aria: Yeah, but Binanshi is every month, so I don’t think the pool competition always coincides with it…However, there is still kept continuity in a way. Yumoto’s seen in season 1 episode 7 to be wearing a school swimsuit, so the mandating of this would explain why he only had the one swimsuit.

Astral: Speaking of swimsuits, do you remember how I mentioned a few episodes ago that I thought that Maasa had said that he wanted to be more girly, but thought maybe that was a misinterpretation? Now I’m thinking that i’m right again, thanks to this episode.

Aria: Part of the joke with Maasa and Akoya is how girly they come off as…or again, maybe that’s just me and my weird view of these boys. (i.e. Sorry, I still don’t see whatever the heck you’re seeing.)

Daga otoko da!

Astral: I dunno. Maybe I just have a somewhat different worldview, but this swimsuit is something that I could never see myself or any guy, for that matter, wearing.

Aria: As much as I can’t see any guys pulling that outfit off in real life, I’m probably the off-kilter one here for not being able to see how that makes Maasa come off as “girly”. It’s just a swimsuit, Maasa can wear what he likes if he wants to.

…but this is getting awkward. Do you think Dougo and Wakura’s competition was a parody of Keijo? I sure thought so.

Astral: Yeah, it was totally a parody of Keijo, wasn’t it? Albeit far less exciting, since nobody powered up or did Dragon Ball Z stuff with their butt…

Aria: Haven’t actually watched Keijo yet, but that parody is just too hard to ignore.

Astral: I haven’t seen Keijo either myself… Guess that’s good for my own dignity, at least.

Aria: Speaking of things that are good for your own dignity, don’t you think it was suspicious how the boys who spotted Karurusu didn’t question why he was talking?

Astral: So I guess people can actually see Karurusu? But just don’t care to ask why he’s talking, or why there’s a yellow otter in their pool…

Aria: Now there’s a plothole if there was ever one. Also, this is going to make my head spin, but if the Happy Powder removes memories, yet Natsukawa was allowed to keep his memories of winning the Contest and everyone else saw a hero show…the heck is going on with this magic? It’s so inconsistent!

Astral: I guess that somehow Karurusu is able to control and selectively remove/alter memories from hundreds of people in an instant, seeing as while the usage of happy powder was not really any different visually, people immediately had their viewpoints changed. Karurusu is cheerful and kind of dorky at times, but his powers (still unexplained why he has them) are actually pretty terrifying.

… On that note, if Furanui has relatively the same powers as Karurusu, why couldn’t he just use magic to brainwash everyone into obedience? Seems like it would be a lot easier… UNLESS Furanui doesn’t have as much magic power as Karurusu due to being the younger son. Maybe that’s why he hates his brother so much, on top of his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Aria: Hmm, that could be a viable explanation, although knowing this show, the explanation is likely to be a lot sillier than we think it is…Also, Furanui seems to be hung up about the fact he and the Edelstein need to prove themselves worthy of being “superior beings” in every way (although for some reason, beating the competition in a Binanshi Contest is not the way to do that).

Astral: That’s what i’m saying! I think Furanui himself just has a very severe inadequacy complex, cultivated by living beneath his gifted older brother Karurusu for his whole life, and he’s just trying to prove himself!

Aria: Maybe, like some of the monsters, it just never occurred to Furanui that there was an easier solution to taking over the earth?

I think we’re digging ourselves into a hole conversation-wise with this speculation, so here’s an interesting observation I made: Taishi’s in 1-C. En and Atsushi from LOVE! were in 3-C. Why do you think it’s C though? I can see why it’s not A – a lot of anime protagonists are in the A class – but it would be funny to have Boueibu boys in class B for alliteration’s sake.

How does it even still fit him?

Astral: Did you manage to catch what class Kyoutarou was in? I can’t remember which it said he was in. If it’s C as well, there must be some joke we’re just not getting…

Aria: Oh, false alarm. After going back to the episode, it turns out Kyoutarou was in 1-B last year.

Let’s pretend that never happened and go back to the subject of Taishi. We still haven’t seen why he’s so angry, and he seriously hasn’t had much spotlight. Any thoughts on that?

Astral: Seems like he’s got a pretty fierce competitive streak, that’s for sure. Dunno why the swimsuit triggers him, though.

Aria: I think Dougo reacted more to the fact the school swimsuit was mandated, actually. Taishi was really calm about that.

Astral: Maybe I’m confused; Taishi is the one with glasses, right?

Aria: Yep. *sweatdrops* Who were you confusing him with, then?

Astral: No, I was right then. I’m historically bad at remembering names, so I was just checking that I was talking about the right character!

He kinda looks like a popsicle…

Aria: I swore you were going to say “Dougo” at one point there, which worried me a little…and with that, I think we can finish up here for the week.

Astral: I think you’re right! Got anything in mind?

Aria: The monster was really strong this time, so we’re going to have to do something powerful as well…I think Tsunami Sweeper should do the trick.

Tsunami Sweeper uses the undiscriminating nature of a giant wave to beat water-based opponents at their own game…and also iron out plot inconsistencies.

Astral: Excellent work! Now that they’re caught in your attack, i’ll finish ‘em off! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Origin Cascade!

The Origin Cascade is a powerful burst of energy that resembles the birth of a new star. As an attack, it targets the origin of whatever it hits, eating away at its roots to erase it from existence. Last time, it was used to undermine a shaky foundation, but here it works to attack plot holes left by previous seasons!

Astral: Now that was a nice hit! I think our teamwork is improving!

With that, our heroes dropped their transformations and went back to their daily lives, knowing that busy days awaited them. But will they be able to recuperate enough to handle their next enemy?

<To Be Continued…>

Another fun week this week, with lots to talk about for both Mahou Shoujo Ore and Boueibu Happy Kiss! I’m always happy when I can have a nice discussion and toss out wild theories like I did here. Hopefully we have even better episodes moving forward, as well!

For more context about this collab, make sure to check out Aria’s post on Episode 8 of Mahou Shoujo Ore, where we discuss Saki’s mom, the leader of the demons, and the inside jokes of the show.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you’re enjoying this collab as much as I am! If you’re up-to-date on these shows, let us know what you think, and if you have any theories you’d like to share, don’t hold back!

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