Spellbooks and Horoscopes: Boueibu Happy Kiss! Episode 4

Though Aria seems to be troubled by something, our heroes managed another decisive victory against Mahou Shoujo Ore this week! And with one opponent down, they are prepared to face their next opponent, who may have a surprise in store for everyone…

Astral: Somebody bring me an Easy Button, because dang, that was a piece of cake! This week’s sadness monster was by far the easiest one for the Karls Knights to defeat, only taking one little comment from Kyotaro to bring him back to his senses. Of course, Furanui tries to interfere, but they still took care of things with pretty much no fuss at all.

Aria: It was heartwarming on top of that. Normally anime likes to write away parents, but this was an interesting twist. Speaking of heartwarming stuff, it seems like we’re in for more of that with small versions of our boys later.

Astral: That’s very possible. With hints of something having occurred between Kyotaro and the student council president, there’s a nice plot thread going through here. Though I can’t help but imagine it’s something trivial that he’s holding a grudge over… just like most of the monsters. Honestly, this was the first monster that I felt had a genuine reason for his anger, though it was also the most easily resolved…

Aria: In previous iterations of Boueibu, we’ve had monsters and conflicts made from more trivial stuff. There was that monster in episode 2 of the first season who didn’t like how things didn’t split evenly, for instance. In that way, I think “petty motivations” have always been par for the course in this show.

Astral: In a way, this episode actually hit home for me a bit. It’s not nearly as bad, but i’ve had to deal with a dad who’s away constantly on business my whole life, and it’s kinda rough on a kid, especially a boy.

Aria: I kinda get what you mean, but this is getting personal…Then, what do you think of Yonekura Sr’s discovery? I mean, if you find a hot spring and it’s in the vicinity of the Kurotamayu, it’s competition. Shouldn’t Ryouma have been worried about that, instead of being relieved the Yonekuras’ conflict was resolved? (Or maybe he just doesn’t think about that kind of stuff?)


Astral: I think having competition for things is always good, actually. Plus, it’s really gonna help out the Yonekuras so I think everything is all good. However, there’s something that I noticed this episode that’s been troubling me…

Furanui has a butthole, but Karl doesn’t seem to.

Aria: …is that even relevant to this discussion?

Astral: Well, no, not really… it’s just something I noticed in passing while watching the episode and thought it was kinda funny.

Aria: Moving on then…I wonder if the time capsules will have any more significance than they already have.

Astral: I’m not sure if the time capsules will hold any more significance in the story, but i’m sure that picture definitely will. What are the motivations of the student council president for wanting people to be miserable, and for hating Kyotaro? I also get the feeling he might end up being monsterized eventually because of his resentment.

Aria: Considering the staff seem to be ignoring LOVE! LOVE! in their Happy Kiss callbacks, that seems a likely path of action. I was thinking more along the lines of Wakura’s letters though – they seem to be perfect for making a lot of monster plots at once.

Astral: Ooh, that’s a very interesting point. It never did show them re-burying the time capsules, did it? Not to mention there’s a hot spring being built right over their dig site… did they put them back in? Take them out? Move them somewhere else? It could just end up being a pretty big plot hole, but it would be cool if they resurfaced later on and stirred up even more trouble. Because with Wakura’s letters in there… time capsule is more like a time bomb, honestly.

Aria: Oh, I didn’t think about them reburying the time capsules. I guess it makes sense to rebury them close to where they were originally, if not in the actual position they used to be in. However, if Taiju has a construction company backing him, I don’t think the student council will have any problem finding the time capsules if they were reburied.

Astral: Maybe they’re just hoping nobody asks…

Aria: I’ve forgotten to ask this in previous times, but what are your thoughts on the OP, insert song (Happy Ready?????, which is that “Are you happy?” song you hear when the monster’s being purified) and ED? I know Karandi’s a fan of the insert song and I’m a fan of the OP, but I haven’t seen any fans of the ED yet.


Astral: Usually, unless an ED grabs my attention right off the bat, I don’t listen to them all the way through. Out of the three tracks you just mentioned, the ED is definitely the weak link here, i’d say. The OP is pretty nice, got some pretty visuals and a good song to go along with it. I’d say it’s definitely one of the better OPs this season. I really do like that insert song, though. I think it does a great job of setting the mood for what they’re doing, and just has a very happy, spunky feel to it that gives each purification scene so much energy and life (not to mention the beautiful visuals that go along with it).

Aria: Well, I guess that’s appropriate for the climax of the episode.

Astral: Unfortunately, with such a good insert song, the climax of each episode has been getting progressively less, well… climactic.

Aria: If the trend of previous seasons continues, episode 7 will undoubtedly be the weakest for you then since that’s the season’s designated “fanservice episode” (episode 7 from the first season didn’t even have a monster of the week…what was thought to be a monster was just their teacher).

With that word of warning out of the way, let’s deal with our opponent. Tornado Force, Windblade version!


The (uncreatively named) Windblade is a naginata with the cutting force of a violent gale, made for both precision and speed. The attack that’s been paired with the weapon uses its rotational power to sever connections to the past, allowing affected opponents to move on from what they’ve previously done.


Both: Magical Explosion!


Astral: Did we manage to deal a decisive blow?

Aria: I…think so? It seems like if I hadn’t used my weapon it wouldn’t have worked, though.

Astral: In that case, I’m glad you brought it along!


With that, the two heroes detransformed and rest their case for another week. Next time, it’s the halfway point – now that our heroes have shown their might, are the opponents going to get more serious too…?


< To be continued in the next post… >

This was a bit of an interesting week for us, and I think both Aria and I were a bit disappointed at the quality of the episodes… for both shows. Hopefully things start looking up in the next few weeks, though, because we do enjoy the shows, even through our complaints. Speaking of which, make sure you guys go and check out our review of Episode 5 of Mahou Shoujo Ore over on Aria’s blog, The Animanga Spellbook, and don’t hesitate to let us know how you guys are enjoying these series down in the comments!!

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  1. It would be interesting to see these time capsules used again in the plot, though I kind of suspect given the nature of the show that we’ve now moved on and they will never be spoken of again.

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