Chapter 5: Black Talons

Yep, it’s that time again, when I get a bit lazy and fill a blog post slot with another update from my book that I’ve been writing on Wattpad. We’re all the way up to Chapter 5 now, and the story and characters are really starting to take shape. I’ve had some struggles up to this point making the characters feel exactly as I originally envisioned them being, when putting them into words, but this chapter turned out really well; in fact, I would say it’s the best chapter i’ve written so far.

If you’re a fan of Light Novels, maybe give my book a try. I’m writing in a style very similar to how most Light Novels are written, both for ease of reading and to make it a bit more approachable… I don’t want to scare away readers with Tolkein-esque prose.

Anyways, here’s a snippet of what you can expect from this chapter. It’s definitely not in-context, so you’ll just have to read the rest if you want to learn more about what’s going on!

Lliyllaxrziannon watched the strange man as she sipped at the oddly bitter, strange-tasting boiled water food he had made for her. Though very unlike anything she’d ever eaten before, she  was enjoying the quaint meal. What had had her brain pinwheeling for hours, however, was the very existence of this strange man who called himself Alm.

He was human, that much she was aware of. She was also aware that humans hated her kind, avoided them like the plague, and usually either fled or attacked on sight. Why this man had not done either, not to mention had offered her food, and treated her wounds, was utterly beyond her. She was weak, still – her body busy healing her exterior wounds, to say nothing of purging the Drakdeig venom from her bloodstream. Low on blood supply and vulnerably dressed, even a weak human could easily have disposed of her.

Why then, did this man treat her with such kindness? She had attempted to exert control over his mind when she’d first awakened, but felt herself repelled by a strange mental barrier of some sort. So, he was being kind to her of his own volition, for some reason. She did not understand why.

Of course, the possibility had crossed her mind that this man was simply an enormous idiot, unaware of how dangerous she truly was, but she heavily doubted it. His habitation was filled with what appeared to be books, and his silver eyes shone with an odd intelligence. He also appeared to be quite composed and calm, even when dealing with one that he should hold in contempt.

Of course, in most cases, the life of one human wouldn’t concern her. She’d killed many before, and felt no qualms about adding to that number. She’d contemplated killing this man at least five times in the span that she’d been awake, but had stopped herself for some reason… and that was another odd thing. True, she owed her life to this man, but was that debt truly worth associating with such a lowly being?

This was a fun chapter to write. Sometimes, when writing, I get moments of brilliance where the words just pour out of me, weaving their way into the tapestry of words just as I want them to. Other times, it’s a bit more of a struggle, and when I go back and reread what’s written, it sounds somewhat awkward. This chapter is the former case, though the latter is still pretty visible in some of the previous chapters… so I may be going back and doing some revisions in the near future.

Anyways, make sure to check out Chapter 5 on Wattpad, and if you enjoyed it, leave a comment for me, so I know you liked it!

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