Spellbooks and Horoscopes: Boueibu Happy Kiss! Episode 3

Facing another powerful enemy this week, our heroes have been training hard to overcome any obstacles that might come their way. Armed with new techniques and skills, they confront their next opponent…

Astral: Man, what a great week for Anime. SO many good shows had absolutely stellar episodes, and Boueibu is no different. This episode touched on something that’s actually quite pertinent in daily life, how people use things, but generally don’t know the names of half of them anyways. But is that really that big a deal? I dunno what it is about the show that draws me in so well, but it’s managed to do it superbly so far.

Aria: I guess if I were to take a selfish viewpoint here, things are only a big deal if they affect you directly and/or you make them matter to you, because you tend to get tunnel vision to issues otherwise.

Speaking of tunnel vision, I do question Kyotaro’s forgetting of what a fridge is, but the Japanese of that is reizouko which does sound rather forgettable.

Astral: Yeah, who forgets what a fridge is? It’s like, one of the most commonly used items in everyday life. Wouldn’t you learn the word just by hearing “get me eggs from the fridge please” and stuff like that? Seems like it’d be kind of hard to forget.

bhk 3.PNG

Aria: Actually, couldn’t you just go “please get me some eggs” and forego the word “fridge” altogether? Japanese is infamous for omitting things from its sentences (to the point where “omission” can be cited as an actual language technique), and it gives me a headache sometimes.

Astral: On the other hand, you have some things like the full name of Pablo Picasso, the phenomenon of light filtering through tree leaves, or the correct name for that thing you use to hold bread bags shut. Some you just don’t really care about, and some you don’t need to know the name of in order to use em properly.

Aria: I don’t think there’s been anything where people come up with the name first and then the item or its purpose…but it was fun trying to guess what each item was. I didn’t guess them all correctly, though.

Astral: Honestly I only knew like two or three out of all of them. I feel my vocabulary is rather lacking!

Aria: Weren’t you the one who was asking “who cares” though…?

Astral: well, I think there should be a separation between wanting to know the info to know the info, and feeling that the knowing of said info is truly necessary in everyday life…

Aria: You have a point. Speaking of “necessary info”, was it just me or was there a plothole? (What I mean is that since Taiju was watching the Karurusu Knights fight and Wakura was actually in the fight, who gave Kyotaro the ice cream he had when he was explaining to Hajime? The shop owner?)  

Astral: That’s…. You’re right. I didn’t catch that, actually. That’s kind of interesting actually. I mean, is it possible that he could have made it for himself (though that’s technically stealing, and I don’t know that he has the mental capacity for that either)?

Aria: The audience doesn’t actually see when Kyotaro goes for the ice cream so I guess that could mean a number of hypothetical situations.

Astral: Maybe it’s just magic, like where their clothes come from? Or how monsters are able to materialize various things?

Aria: Would you use magic just for an ice cream though, when there’s a store nearby?

…Oh, right. There was another potential plothole. What kind of icecream did Taiju get initially? I’m pretty sure it didn’t match the strawberry one he had in the end with Wakura, although in the latter case he asks for “the usual”…which is kinda dubious wording.

Astral: I’m pretty sure the Crunchyroll sub indicated he’d said “that one”, specifically referencing the same one that the other guy had just ordered as well. Yet they ended up with different icecreams… I’ll try to add a picture to illustrate what I mean.

Looks good…
Fair enough…
… wat?

Aria: Aside from those, I’m appreciating the lengths Boueibu’s going to in the characterisation department at the moment. Characterisation hasn’t always been this show’s strong suit due to the formula it goes by requiring both school (life/club) and magical elements being worked on, but it seems this time there’s been some real thought put into monster of the week backstories as story progression.

Astral: One thing in this episode that kind of bothered me was how long the transformation scene takes. I think it’s a bit excessive to show the full transformation of each of them, every time they fight a monster… it just seems like there’s more they could be doing instead. In my opinion, a full transformation sequence should be reserved for only the very first transformation, and for the most important of battles. What do you think?

Aria: Boueibu being the parody it is, it’s always been really gung-ho about showing the entire transformation scene if it can, no matter how long that takes (although IIRC, anyone who isn’t Yumoto or the VEPPer from season 2 has a short sequence from the beginning, I’d assume for time constraints). I guess I’ve never been that bothered about the number of transformation sequences a show needs, but if you were to pare it down to the necessary story components, I’d agree with what you said.

Astral: It’s really not a huge complaint, as the show is still quite a good watch despite it. It just sometimes feels like it drags on for quite a while when you’re actually watching the transformations.

Aria: Well, the joke from the beginning is that the Defence Club don’t defend against anything, so I guess long transformations to pad for time are part of it.

…I think we’ll be able to finish this up soon, so what do you think of Kyotaro’s final speech to the Bag Closure Monster?

bhk 1.PNG

Astral: I think one thing that could be done better is the ending speeches. Some of them have seemed pretty tame for the way they diffuse so much anger in these monsters.

Aria: Well, Yumoto’s success rate in regards to finishing speeches was really high, so I’ve always thought Kyotaro’s ineptitude for that was to point that out.

Astral: That might be exactly what the writers were thinking… or it could be another mild oversight. Whatever the case, let’s deal with this creature once and for all, right now!!

Aria: I think I should be able to use this – Sonic Striker!

This attack, which uses the wind to allow the attacker to move at the speed of sound, is able to target potential plot holes/oversights and take advantage of them before the enemy is even aware they’re being hit.

Aria: Now for the finishing touch…

Magical Explosion!

Astral: YES!! I think that was a solid hit, finally!

Having finally managed to land a decisive blow on their Boueibu opponent, our heroes rejoiced in their good fortune. They detransformed and went back to their daily lives… But not before going out to grab some ice cream to celebrate.

< To be continued in the next post… >

Another great week, great episode, and most importantly, a fun discussion about this show. Analyzing some of the plot holes was pretty great fun, and it’s been awesome to have someone to discuss the show with. Speaking of which, make sure to go check out Aria’s post over on The Animanga Spellbook, where we dissect Episode 4 of Mahou Shoujo Ore. Thanks for reading, and please let us know what you thought of this episode down in the comments!!

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