You Don’t Know Gunma Yet – First Impressions

*dramatic sigh*

Here we go again, another short anime that I wandered into without knowing. I seem to be doing this a lot lately, to be honest… maybe it’s just that there’s a large number of them this season.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this show… the first episode was pretty confusing, following a boy who’s moving to Gunma prefecture… then suddenly everything gets creepy and demon-like. I’m quite confused and a bit concerned at where this is going. If the first episode is anything to judge by, though, this isn’t going to be a terribly good show.

Eat a snickers, grandma

I’ve already listed a lot of my complaints about these ‘shorts’ anime in a previous post, but Gunma is taking it to the next level, as I literally have no idea what’s going on. Many shorts take an episodic approach to things, but Gunma doesn’t even seem to have a discernable story at this point. This is probably gonna be a drop, for me.

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