Umamusume: Pretty Derby – First Impressions

In a world inundated with the efforts of Japan trying to turn literally everything into girls, there’s a clear hierarchy. Obviously, the canine girls come on top (this includes foxes and wolves), then the cat girls, then bunny girls come in a very close third place. While these rankings are somewhat subjective to each individual person, I don’t think anyone can deny that that’s essentially the top 3 in the hierarchy.

I went into Umamusume: Pretty Derby with pretty dang low expectations. I mean, come on. Horse girls? Why would anyone want to watch a show about horse girls learning to run? I thought I would probably quit halfway through the first episode and call things done.

Oh, how foolish I was.

pretty derby 1.PNG

It’s been a while since a show has so drastically overturned my expectations. With gorgeous visuals, a great soundtrack, and enough life and color in the characters to overturn even the kinda lame story premise, Umamusume put a smile on my face from the very beginning of the episode that stayed there right until the end.

Special Week is a horse girl who just wants to be the best in Japan. She transfers to a prestigious school from the countryside, and quickly meets friends and people who want to support her dream, instead of laughing at her like many do. The comedic moments in the show are very well timed, and Special Week has done a great job as the main character so far.

pretty derby 2.PNG
Totally over the top…  The character designs, not the rice…

I don’t know if i’d go so far as to say the show is great, to be honest. There are obvious issues that I could sit and nitpick about, from the generic story premise to the overly flashy character designs… But in the end, what the show did was overturn the expectations I had for it, and gave me a fun and interesting watch. And I think that really counts for something.

Will this show stay on my watchlist this season? Maybe. Honestly i’d like to keep it if I can, but with so many good shows already this season, unfortunately, Umamusume sits right at the brink of the drop zone. So I guess only time will tell. Anyways, what do you guys think of the show so far? Did it overturn your expectations like it did mine?

pretty derby 3.PNG
I, too, think of this when being kidnapped…

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