Hinamatsuri – First Impressions

Hinamatsuri is a show that, unlike many others this season, I didn’t go into completely blind. Having heard the opinions of several other anibloggers, as well as plenty of spoilers on Twitter and the like, I had a relatively good idea what I was getting myself into when I went into the first episode. However, I can definitely say that, in spite of all the spoilers i’d had, the show was even more enjoyable than i’d imagined.

Whoever tells a lie, must commit seppuku and die…

Hinamatsuri is essentially the story of a girl named Hina who appears from another world. She possesses immense psychokinetic abilities, able to move enormous trees, manipulate objects delicately, and possibly teleport. However, if she doesn’t use her powers, she explodes. While this is an interesting enough concept, Hinamatsuri takes an unexpected turn by becoming a heartwarming tale

I really wasn’t expecting the show to be nearly as adorable and fun as it is. The comedy doesn’t really make you laugh out loud, but just chuckle to yourself. It’s pretty soft, calm, but well-paced and well-presented. Beautiful visuals and a lovely backing soundtrack help it along, but what I love most so far is the characters.

Hina has some great facial expressions

We’ve really only met two characters so far: Hina, and Nitta, her Yakuza caretaker. Both characters are pretty dang unique, funny, and lovable in their own way, but they really shine when together. The way the characters play off each other is just a pleasure to see, and it makes the show an absolutely fantastic watch.

P.S. i’d class it as the GOOD version of Alice & Zoroku, which had a relatively similar concept but obnoxiously bad execution.

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