Comic Girls – First Impressions

Honestly, i’m not entirely sure what drove me to decide to pick up Comic Girls as one of the shows i’d give a shot at the inception of the Spring 2018 season… but I can happily way that so far, i’m glad that I did. While I really wasn’t expecting much, the first episode of the show gave me not only far more than I was expecting to get, but altogether was a super fun watch that made me anxious for more.

Is she secretly a Disney princess?

Comic Girls is about, well, girls who write comics. Four high-school girls meet each other in a lodging house that caters to young women who are trying to become Mangaka. The main character is Kaoruko, an extremely shy young girl who, despite being a talented artist, has never had friends, and thus her story writing, especially character interactions, continually falls short. When she moves to the dorm, she ends up rooming with Koyume, another aspiring artist who has some struggles of her own, and they end up becoming fast friends.

Meeting the other two girls, both published artists, they all end up having a great time together… but that’s not what makes the show such a great watch. To sum up the first episode in a single word… Fun, is what i’d say. It’s just fun. The comedic timing of the show is absolutely brilliant, each gag comes at the perfect moment, and I personally spent nearly the entire episode just giggling idiotically.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
The geeky gags are amazing!

While the visuals are pretty standard, though pleasing to look at, and the music isn’t terribly memorable, the absolute brilliant, fun, energetic comedy of Comic Girls is nothing to scoff at. This’ll be a show for the season to put a smile on your face, and I have high hopes that it will only get better from here on out.

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