Spellbooks and Horoscopes: An Introduction

Astral: Hey there, everyone! I’m a chatty guy, and i’ve told you guys quite a bit about myself over the lifetime of my blog. A not-so-well-known fact about me, however, is that i’m a HUGE sucker for Magical Girl shows. I’ve seen tons of them, from Madoka, to Sailor Moon, to Shugo Chara, and more. However, as much as I love the genre, i’ve never really thought to invest myself much in it, being content with admiring it from afar. And that’s why, this season, i’ve asked a friend of mine in the Aniblogger community to help teach me the ways of the Mahou Shojou, as we take on the weekly airing shows, Mahou Shojou Ore and Boueibu Happy Kiss. That’s right, it’s MagicConan14, (who will henceforth be referred to as Aria) from The Animanga Spellbook!
MC14: Happy to be here. This is my first real collab so hopefully Astral can teach me how to do stuff like this properly after his stint in the Winter Games. This collab should be weekly as well, which really isn’t my speed, but we’ll see how Crunchyroll holds up…
As for my knowledge on magical girls, I’m definitely a fan, but even then I probably still have a long way to go before I’m an “expert”. I do have some prior knowledge on both the shows we’re covering, though it doesn’t go very deep (it’s only spoilery for the first episode or so) – these shows are unpredictable…
Astral: Indeed they are! Both shows are pretty highly stylized, and seem to be oriented towards the lighter side of the Magical Girl genre. Both of them carry within them a pretty interesting twist that sets them apart from other shows of the genre as well, but only time will tell whether the quality can hold up under investigation.
MC14: I should probably warn you guys that Boueibu Happy Kiss, as a kind-of sequel to the LOVE! series, might reference events that happened previously (the OVA is mostly skippable). I know there’s definitely one big reference in the first episode, plus a potential hint to another. We will probably get to that bit when we get there, though.
Astral: Unfortunately, with this being such a big project, and the shows technically being parodies, rather than ‘true’ magical girl shows, we simply don’t have the power to deal with them ourselves.
MC14: That’s why we have to combine our powers to review them. So, let’s show everyone our true power!
<Transformation!> Let the stars be your guide; I command the celestial spirits! Zodiac Gem!
<Transformation!> Let’s summon the winds of change and bring hope to the universe! Aera Heart!
MC14: Now that our transformations are complete, we’d better hurry – our opponents don’t wait for us…


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