Off the Bookshelf #4: Walking my Second Path in Life

I read a lot of Light Novels. Probably at least 12-15 different light novels each month, depending on availability. Unfortunately, with the increasing amount of available Light Novels to read, I run into more and more mediocrity the further down the rabbit hole I dive. Which is why, when the rare gem of a story shows its face, I just have to sit down and write about it.


Walking my Second Path in Life, written by… Otaku de Neet? A pseudonym, I suppose. Anyways, the book strays from the typical LN Isekai trope by being an actual fantasy story in a fantasy world! While Magic, Monsters, etc. haven’t shown their face yet in the world, the vivid descriptions of culture and heavy character focus are more than enough to keep things interesting.

The book follows Fie, a princess of a poor country who was shipped off to the kingdom of Orstoll as a wedding gift for her sister, Fielle. Locked away in a solitary pavilion and ignored, Fie decides to take her life into her own hands rather than waste away in solitude. Cutting her hair and donning men’s clothes, Fie transforms herself into Heath, a young boy eager to become a Knight of Orstoll through the Knight Training Academy. After a surprisingly impressive showing in the entrance exam, though her match ended in a loss, she is accepted into the elite 18th Knights troop as a Squire.

Basically, the series follows Fie and her adventures in Squire school… Making friends, learning the ways of battle, and the burning flames of youthful passion… along with trying to keep her identity as both a girl, and as the (technically) second queen of the kingdom a secret!


It’s been a while since i’ve had so much fun reading a Light Novel. As a main character, Fie/Heath is an absolute gem, her bouncy energy and constant use of underhanded tactics to assert her dominance never failed to get a laugh from me. While it’s not dark and gritty or an emotional rollercoaster, Walking my Second Path is a fun, fresh, brilliant break from the mundane, unimaginative and dull stories we see so often in Light Novels.

I’ll admit, my expectations were pretty low when I picked up the book, but I found myself having so much fun with it that i ended up devouring two whole volumes in the space of an afternoon! If you’re a fan of fun-filled adventures with a lovely cast of quirky characters, then I highly recommend giving this series a try.

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