Winter Games 2018: Week 11

Oh man, how time flies. It’s already Week 11 of the Winter Games collab, and all our shows (except for Grancrest because we managed to choose one of the 24-episode shows from the season because… we are good at life?) Anyways, it’s been a fun ride, but we’re almost at the end. One week left, though, so let’s finish up strong!

I don’t think it’s really a surprise what my favorite show of the three is, but all of the shows have ended up being a pretty pleasant surprise in one way or another, which has been great fun to see through this challenge. So, let’s take a look at what our shows had in store for us last week.

Yuru Camp

Finally, all our girls are together! And Chikuwa is here, too! I love dogs, and CHikuwa has got to be one of the cutest pooches i’ve ever seen in any Anime. Saitou’s propensity for dressing him up in cute costumes only adds to his adorableness.
Look at that little poochie face :3

This episode gave us a little of everything that makes me love this show. The adorable girls, the laid-back comedy, the relaxing atmosphere, the gorgeous landscapes, and the lovely soundtrack. More characters on screen means more character interactions to play off of, and with the most delicious meal yet, the show gives us the best of everything.

Well, almost. I’ve got to say, i’m less of a fan of the wide grass field they’re camping in this time. It’s just not as pretty or unique as the lakeside, or the high mountain campgrounds. Maybe we’ll get some gorgeous night shots in the next episode, but as for me, the art wasn’t quite as standout this episode as it usually is.

Seeing Rin and Saitou finally interacting with the rest of the gang was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. While each of the girls is definitely unique and fun on their own, we really haven’t seen much of Saitou throughout most of the show, and Rin has stayed very distant from Chiaki and Aoi for most of the show as well, so getting to see everyone talkign and interacting was just so much fun. I also really enjoyed the scene of the girls playing with the kids. The lighthearted playfulness of the scene was just adorable, and i watched the whole thing with a big grin on my face.

[Quinime] Yuru Camp - 11 [720p]_001_21242.png
Mmmm… Sukiyaki…

Scoring Predictions:

… I failed 😦

New Predictions:

  • Drunken teacher has a hangover in the morning
  • Rin and Nadeshiko have a bonding moment at the camp

Record of Grancrest War

While I was a bit ambivalent concerning Grancrest’s Episode 10, Episode 11 really impressed me. The darker tones of the show really showed their face here, with many of the characters and places descending into tragedy at the hands of Marrine and her army.

I’m a sucker for flashy colors…

First and foremost on my mention list has got to be the battle with Villar and Margaret. While the show has, thus far, been notorious for looking a bit melted during battle scenes, that specific quirk actually worked in the favor of Grancrest during this scene. The glowing of Margaret’s flames, reflected on the water below the bridge, combined with the nighttime setting, made the scene absolutely gorgeous, and definitely one of the highlights of the show so far.

This show has had ups and downs, but overall, i’m pleasantly surprised with how it’s been evolving. While it had a pretty rocky start, with some dumb plot points and some underwhelming production values, I was pretty concerned at how it would end up, but with the last few episodes it seems the show has really found its rhythm.

The fact that the vassals of Villar could sense his death is an interesting point that was kind of tossed in there at the end, but I really enjoyed the addition of that little tidbit. It made the emotional impact of the end of the episode just a bit more serious. Overall, i’m very excited for the next episode.

Actual emotional weight???

Scoring Predictions:

  • Villar dies. +2   … 😦

New Predictions:

  • Theo sets out to avenge Villar.
  • Marrine poses dramatically.

Sanrio Boys

Oh boy. I don’t like it when I have to angry rant about things, but Episode 11 of Sanrio Boys was just… frustrating. It really summed up for me everything I DISLIKE about the show, very succinctly. Immature characters, juvenile writing, and just a generally disappointing story that has no real emotional weight.

Some say he hasn’t matured since that day…

Kouta and the rest, though supposedly in High School, are shockingly immature. Kouta, in particular, seems to have a mental age far below his supposed physical age. First working himself into total exhaustion, he gets sick and has to miss several days at school. Then, after coming back and discovering that his friends enlisted some other peeps to help out with the sets, not only is he not grateful for the help, he attacks and injures Yuu before running off.

Don’t even get me started on Kouta’s rant, either. Imagine a 6-year-old yelling at someone stubbornly, then add the word “sparkling” in there about three dozen times, and you’ve basically got his whole schpeel. It was honestly pretty painful trying to watch through the whole thing.

At the end of it all, I guess the show was trying to show off Kouta’s jealousy of the others, them all being popular and talented and good-looking. But attacking your friends who genuinely care about you really isn’t the way to go about things.

Yeah you showed Yuu, buddy.

Scoring Predictions:

  • Kouta yells at someone +2
  • Kouta collapses from overwork/gets sick. +2

New Predictions:

  • Kouta and the others explore Puroland again.
  • The play is a smash hit and people love Kouta.

The game is closing in, guys! We only scored 6 points this time around, and while Irina has increased her lead, myself, Leap, and TPAB are still vying for our positions pretty handily! With only 1, maybe 2 weeks left to go, this is where the contest heats up!!!

Me: 50 points!

Irina: 58 points!

Leap250: 49 points!

TPAB: 42 points!

2 thoughts on “Winter Games 2018: Week 11

  1. I have to agree with everything you said about Kouta. The whole way through the show the characters have felt too young and their conflicts really misplaced in a high school setting, but thsi episode was particularly bad. Definitely a primary school worthy temper tantrum being thrown by the high school boy.

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