So I wrote a thing…

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really enjoy writing. For the last several months, i’ve been working on writing a novel, and I feel i’ve finally gotten it to a point where it’s at least presentable to the public. So, I thought i’d give you guys a snippet of my writing, see what you think of it.

The tavern was rowdy, the midday rush just beginning. Barmaids twirled their way through the crowd, mugs of ale and platters of bread and stew in hand, skillfully serving each and every table with a practiced smile. The Emerald Moon, known for excellent cooking and a friendly atmosphere, was in top form today, as usual. The young man in the corner let out an appreciative grunt as he took in a mouthful of dark bread soaked in the brothy stew, savoring the complex flavors of the meat and herbs on his tongue.

His sword, propped up on the bench beside him, was a plain one, at a glance, the simple leather grip well-worn, the scabbard scarred from long use. Using a small dagger from his hip, he carved another chunk from the hot loaf, spooning stew from the wooden bowl onto the bread before stuffing the whole ensemble into his mouth, chewing with a mechanical appreciation before swallowing.

He was a simple looking young man, his clothes woven from coarse cloth, his leather armor well-worn, and stained from long use. Iron bracers, the only metal armor on his body, grace his forearms, the metal battered and chipped, but displaying not a hint of rust. For all appearances, he seemed a simple, poor soldier, at best. Yet through the eyes of a master, he would have seemed much, much more.

His hands were covered in thick calluses and scars, the hands of a man well familiar with wielding his blade. The bulges of hard, toned muscles, just barely visible on his generally lean frame, could be seen beneath his shirt on close inspection, and though he seemed intent on his food, his green eyes, hidden beneath the hood of his cloak, never ceased their scanning of the taproom.

The crude bell hung above the door let out a clatter as a group of men, four in all, squeezed their way into the room, searching the crowd for a minute before sauntering over to join another man at his table. Their leader, a man with a coarse black beard and a puckered scar beneath his left eye, waved a coin in the air, the glint of silver bringing a barmaid quickly to the table.

Shoveling the rest of the bread and stew into his mouth, the young soldier buckled his sword belt back around his waist before slowly rising, making his way across the taproom to the man’s table.

“Excuse me, sir?” he said, in a steady, practiced voice.

“Yes? Do I know you, boy?” The man responded, bits of roast mutton spraying from his mouth as he spoke. “Are you looking for work?”

“Why, yes, actually…” the young soldier responded, drawing a folded paper from his belt pouch. “The details of the job are written there, if you don’t mind perusing it.”

“Heh, you’re quite the bold one, aren’t you boy?” The man chuckled, unfolding the yellowed parchment. When he saw the contents, however, the smile was wiped from his face. “You’re joking, right?” he asked, angrily coming to his feet, his eyes now level with the young man’s.

“Hardly, sir.” The young man responded with a smile. “12 counts of highway robbery, 18 counts of murder… You’re a wanted man with a bounty on your head. And i’m here to collect.” And with that, the young man brought his knee up, driving it into the grizzled soldier’s crotch.


That’s just a little snippet of Chapter 1, anyways. It’s a pretty short chapter, but i’m writing it in a style somewhat similar to your classic Light Novel, so it won’t be a terribly long book in any case. If you want to read more, check out my Wattpad! I’ve got the full first chapter there, and i’ll probably add a new chapter every month or two, as I get around to working on it, anyways.

Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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