Winter Games 2018: Episodes 6 and 7

Hey guys, fist off, an apology for being so late with my Episode 6 post. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that I went over to the UK for a week for work, and didn’t really have much internet while I was there, so it was hard to both watch Anime, and write on my Blog. That being said, this post is a catch-up post for the Winter Games collab with Irina, Leap250, and TPAB, whose awesome faces were super patient with my being gone.

In the interest of fairness, when I got the chance to watch Episode 6 of each show, I posted my predictions in a private chat that we have, so that at least I had my predictions down on paper before moving on to Episode 7 of each show. The points totals have gone wild over the past week or so, and the game is definitely getting interesting! So, without further rambling from me, here goes two episodes worth of content!

Yuru Camp

You guys should know by now that Yuru Camp is by far one of my favorite shows not just of this challenge, but of this season as a whole. The gorgeous painted backdrops and lovely musical score blend super nicely with the relaxing atmosphere and adorable characters that we’re given. The fanservice is low, the production value is high, and it may actually be the best Moe show i’ve ever seen.

I really enjoyed these two episodes, and i’m almost glad that I can review them as a set, because they were two pieces of a single story, showing us Nadeshiko and Rin’s first official campout together. Not only does their friendship grow immensely during this camp, but we get some more character development and a bit of background for each of them, not to mention some hilarious scenarios and adorable gags.

Giving us a peek, in Episode 6, at the classy old man, ran smoothly into Episode 7, where we learn that said classy old man is Rin’s grandpa, and the one who taught her all about camping. Where much of the time, I tend to find excitable characters a bit annoying, Nadeshiko’s is one that is portrayed in the most adorable and endearing of context, her genuineness and happiness are just lovely.

So I was thinking about it, and I usually call Irina Rin-chan. And she’s kind of like the Rin-chan in yuru camp, very smart and totally better than everyone else but also has a great sense of humor and is very capable. In that case, though, i’d have to be Nadeshiko, the one who just talks and talks all the time and is kind of a lovable idiot. TPAB would have to be Chiaki, the club president and our reliable and dorky senpai, and Leap would logically be Aoi, the mild-mannered and friendly one!

Episode 6 Predictions:

  • Rin and Nadeshiko share a bonding moment during their camp together
  • Classy old man pops up again and acts classy AF

Episode 7 Predictions:

  • The drunken lady is going to end up being the Outclub’s Supervisor
  • Nadeshiko finally convinces Rin to join the Outclub

Record of Grancrest War

Let me just come right out and say this: I really, really hate this show. I honestly think that out of the three shows we’re watching for this challenge, Grancrest is the worst, by a pretty nice margin. Even so, I have some manner of professionalism, so i’ll really, really try to give a review with a relatively unbiased opinion. However, please realize that I do need to point out the flaws that I see.

Episode 6 was just a disaster, honestly. Once again, we get to see major flaws in pacing, not to mention production value in general. Especially that dancing scene, it went on for far too long, the animation was subpar at best, and it was just kind of an unnecessary part of the story. Plot points pop up out of nowhere, new characters appearing and leaving again like mad, and the dialogue is just… childish. The episode was sort of made up, at the end, by that fight scene which was pretty dang cool, i’m not gonna lie, but it doesn’t change the overall issues the show has.

Unfortunately, those same issues flow right over into Episode 7, as well. We get a somewhat disjointed conversation between Theo and a lord, in which they don’t actually really debate anything, then the lord totally reverses his stance and swears fealty to Theo… why? Lord’s conference happens, after Villar has conquered an entire nation in about 10 total minutes of screentime, and then there’s (guess what???) MORE DANCING. It all culminates with another scene of questionable dialogue, where the lord of the Union, Alexis, sobs for a few minutes about how much he loves Marrine.

I’ll be honest with you guys, halfway through Episode 7, I literally wanted a meteor to hit the earth and extinguish humanity, to end the pain. This is just ridiculous.

Episode 6 Predictions:

  • The arab-looking guy is testing Theo on Villar’s orders to see if he is prepared to be emperor
  • Villar gets lonely by himself

Episode 7 Predictions:

  • Villar and Theo convince the council of Lords that war is the proper answer to their situation.
  • The arab guy gives a disdainful look.

Sanrio Boys

Oh, Sanrio Boys. With writing nearly as juvenile and childish as that of Grancrest, and characters that are immature to match, it was honestly a struggle to get through these last couple episodes. Not necessarily because the production value is bad, it’s just… there are many activities that I think i’d prefer doing rather than watch this show… including putting my hand on a hot stove.

Episode 6 is basically an episode of Blondie having a conniption, screaming at everyone. Honestly, his personality is so immature and caustic, he’s absolutely my least favorite character. He’s just kind of irritating every time he pops his blond head on-screen. Why does he take 3 days off of school because other people in the school like Sanrio stuff? We may never know…

In Episode 7, the guys go to visit Puroland. That’s… pretty much it. They literally spend 16 minutes out of the 24 minute episode basically on a montage of them doing things at puroland. I’m… I really don’t have anything intelligent to say about this, to be honest, I think the contents speak for themselves.

Sadly enough, too, this show seems to be where I pick up the majority of my points, lately. Maybe because it’s super predictable, or just really, REALLY dumb, but that’s the way it goes.

Episode 6 Predictions:

  • Now that the gang is all together, they’ll probably go out and celebrate their love of Sanrio. Maybe the Prez will introduce them to the “joys” of Puroland or something?
  • Blondie (I hate him so much) is going to get into an argument with someone… again.

Episode 7 Predictions:

  • Kouta is going to say that they should do something to make the School Festival better. Maybe using the world “magical”, or as the Prez says, “miracle”.
  • Yuu tells Blondie that he isn’t cute

Once again, my sincerest apologies for the delays and the chaos surrounding my end of this collab. I’m currently paying for it by the fact that i’m currently in last place for points. Speaking of which, check out the point totals:

Current Point Totals:

Me: 25

Irina: 34

Leap250: 26

TPAB: 27

Irina has worked some black magic and pulled far ahead of the rest of us, but we still have half a season to go to try and catch up. Wish me luck! Also, if you’d like to play along, please leave your predictions down in the comments, and don’t forget to go check out everyone else’s blog as well, to see their viewpoints, opinions, and predictions!

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