Winter Games 2018: Episodes 5

Yeah, I know i’m late with this post, i’m very sorry guys. I had a hectic weekend and just didn’t have the time to sit down and write up a full post for the Winter Games collab, so I apologize. We’re already on Episode 5 of each of our chosen shows, and I must say, this week was quite a bit more enjoyable than the last few weeks, especially in Grancrest and Sanrio. Yuru Camp is still my fave, though <3.

Oh, and as a little side note, we’ve changed up our scoring strategy a little bit, to make things a bit more interesting. We now get 1 point for a partially correct prediction, 2 points for a spot-on prediction, and 3 points for being correct on a very wild or unlikely prediction, to keep things interesting.

Yuru Camp:

I… don’t even know what to say…

Gosh, guys, I seriously love this show. The loveable cuteness is one aspect, sure, but it’s just so pleasant to watch, the characters are fun and interesting, and overall, it’s just something I look forward to watching every week. I’m especially a huge fan of the gorgeous watercolor-styled backgrounds, and this week’s episode gave us more of that than ever, with both some daytime and nighttime scenes that were absolutely stellar.

There’s also a growing friendship between Rin and Nadeshiko that’s just adorable, as one begins to let down her protective shell, while the other struggles to learn more about her friend in her own awkward way. It’s just so heartwarming, I can’t help but smile like a big goof while watching the show.

Squishy caterpillars!

Scoring Predictions:

  • For my action, I predict we’ll get to see a character eating a meal happily. (this is pin point +2)

New Predictions:

  • Rin is finally going to agree to go on a camp with the Outdoor club, but maybe she’ll bring Saito along, for security or something.
  • What was that wierd flash of light in the sky? Aliens, yo. Aliens.

Record of Grancrest War:

Are we supposed to know what that is?

Grancrest War seems to be the show we all have a very hard time getting a bead on. Just when we all thought we’d have some decent predictions to show off this week, the show does a huge turn and we’re talking about Vampires and Werewolves? Not to mention almost the entire episode takes place in this weird Twilight-zone forest thing… (see what I did there?) Anyways, it was totally different from what we’d expected to see, and I have no idea where the show might be going from here.

That being said, I think this may have been my favorite episode of the show so far. The pacing was decent, FINALLY, and it introduced us to some plotting and a bit of extra lore of the world. The fight scene was pretty lackluster, all told, but not only was the episode nicer looking in general than the past couple have been, the pacing and the introduction of some new characters, with potential, made up for it.

Dude what is that gauntlet made of?

Scoring Predictions:

  • Siluca is going to keep being teased about her outfit. (+2, as of Ep5)

New Predictions:

  • Villar is going to use Theo as a front in order to start dominating the world.
  • The Black witch is going to be scheming on how to get revenge on Theo

Sanrio Boys:

Dat face do

Honestly, I actually enjoyed this week’s episode of Sanrio Boys. I think part of my enjoyment is there was far less of a focus on the “drama” they try to shove into the show, in lieu of good old comedy. And the thing is, the Comedy in this show is not bad, at all. The comedic timing was pretty good and I found myself laughing at quite a few of the gags.

Blondie is becoming more important to the story now, and he’s got some weird inferiority complex that’s challenged by the fact that these popular, manly guys like Sanrio stuff. Even Prez, who seems to have an infatuation with a bunny character? Needless to say, Blondie isn’t happy with this development, at all. Unfortunately though, I can smell the drama coming back, and I don’t doubt it’ll be sappy and dull as always.

Fujoshis’ll have a field day with this

Scoring Predictions:

  • For character actions, I think we’ll get another awkward interaction between Blondie and Prez. (+2, “awkward” is subjective, but everything about this show is awkward, so it’s fine xD)

New Predictions:

  • Blondie seems to have an issue with his sisters. i’m guessing they probably dressed him up as a girl as a kid and that’s why he’s so obsessed with “manliness”?
  • Blondie calls Prez a hentai.


With some changes to the scoring system, and some new points coming into play, all of our scores have jumped a bit this week, and the competition is heating up, the scores closer than ever. Check it out!

Me: 14

Irina: 16

Leap250: 14

TPAB: 16

Things are going pretty well, but i’m gonna need to step up my game if i’m gonna win this thing. Unfortunately, i’m going out of town this week, and I may not be able to get a post out for next weekend. But that’s all tits and tats, because it’s all for fun. Let’s do this

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