Winter 2018 First Impressions: Part 2

Overlord Season 2:


I’m a huge fan of Overlord. It gives a fun twist to the classic Isekai genre, a dark story full of mystery, intrigue, incredible moments of action, and a cast of interesting and colorful characters. Studio Madhouse really is able to show their technical competence with this series, and Season 2 looks even more beautiful than Season 1. The characters, especially, are a great selling point of this series, with all the inhabitants of Nazarick being absolutely delightful to get to know.

Unfortunately, I own quite a few volumes of the Light Novel, and the Lizardman Heroes arc, the arc that the anime is currently working through, is my least favorite arc of the series so far. It seems like they are pacing it relatively well; i’m guessing it won’t go past Episode 5, but it still makes it a bit harder to get into this second season. I’ll be sticking with this one, though; brand loyalty really helps.

Maerchen Maedchen:


Speaking of Isekai shows, here’s a show about a young girl who discovers a magic book, and shortly after finds a passageway to another world, one where mages exist and go to school! It’s an interesting combination of Isekai and Slice-of-Life, giving us some everyday activities and socialization between the various girls in the cast as they bounce back and forth between the two worlds, and the mystery as more details about magic and the identity of the other world are revealed.

Some innocent and fun fanservice and comedy are just cherries on the cake of an already rather enjoyable show. The visuals are easy on the eyes, and overall it’s just a nice, fun watch. I can’t say where the story might go in the future, but I can say that, for now, i’ll be sticking with it.




From Studio Trigger, a studio that gave us one of the best, not to mention most overlooked, Anime of last year, comes a lovely Mecha show that, weirdly, i’ve not heard much buzz around. Trigger’s classic animation and art styles (both of which I absolutely adore) abound in the show, along with the humor and wittiness of the studio that gave us Kill la Kill, but the great storywriting from that same studio that gave us Kiznaiver.

DARLING in the FRANXX is gorgeous to look at, the fluid, cartoony animation style meshing perfectly with the vibrant pastel palettes and brilliant neon effects that Trigger is so fond of. It’s off to a great start, and i’m very excited to see where it’ll go next!



On the surface, Beatless might look like your typical Boy Meets Girl stereotype. However, we’re two episodes in, and… yeah that’s pretty much what it is. The first episode was super interesting, learning about the world, these robots, etc. culminating in the fated meeting. However, Episode 2 was pretty much dedicated to a fashion show. I’m not really sure what to think of it at this point, to be honest.

The visuals and soundtrack are pretty nice, though, and there’s the draw of that underlying mystery just waiting to be found beneath the rest of the story. It seems interesting enough, so i’ll keep it on for now. Unfortunately, because it’s part of Amazon’s platform, many might not have a chance to see the show.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody:


Another Isekai show to round this post off. Death March is a LN series i’ve been following for a while now. An isekai on the somewhat darker side of the scale, Death March has, so far, given us some beautiful visuals and an interesting story concept, while still sticking to quite a few of the classic Isekai tropes we all know and… love?

Yeah… it’s a pretty tropey show already, and bound to get even more so as it continues. However, the one major difference here is that the main character isn’t interested in being a hero or anything, he just wants to enjoy life in another world. It’s probably not a series that everyone will enjoy, but for those of you who would like a laid-back isekai show, this might be your ticket.


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