Followers: a Thank-You, and a Challenge

This is a bit of an odd post from me, I know, since Tuesdays are usually Video Game day, but there are just some things i’d like to talk about, yo. Humor me for a bit.

Anyways, 2017 went by pretty quickly, in all honesty. I started my blog in June of 2017, and it was honestly just on a whim. I was basically hospitalized at the time for total digestive system failure (which is EXACTLY as fun as it sounds like), and wanted to do something with my life. I’ve expanded and grown past then, though, made friends in the aniblogger community and worked on some fun and cool projects.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends posting year-end stats and stuff, and I don’t want to miss out on the fun, so… here ya go:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.39.43 AM

Now, let’s break this thing down. 270 posts from June to December, that’s an average of a bit less than 2 a day (i’m too lazy to do the actual maths). That’s pretty good. 356 words per post, i’m not sure if that’s good or bad? I guess it means i’m good at keeping things concise, but would you guys like to see some longer posts in the future?

Here’s where things go downhill a bit, though. 5 likes per post, on average, is somewhat ok since i’m still small, but only 1 comment per post, on average? Come on, guys! I love reading and responding to your comments, but I can’t do that if you’re not commenting!

Anyways so… here’s my plan, ok? We’re at 85 followers right now. (Thank you all so much for following my blog, by the way, it really means a lot!) we’re getting very close to 100 followers now, so i’ve got a proposal for you guys.

I love talking with other people from the Anime community. Some of the conversations i’ve been able to have have been interesting, insightful, and very fun. So… guys. If we can get to 100 Followers, I will be holding a fun Q-and-A session. Basically you guys can asking me anything, and i’ll respond to the best of my ability. It will be formatted as a post, so I will be able to give longer and more complete responses to you than I normally do through the comments section.

100 Followers = a Q-and-A session with me, guys. Let’s get there! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog! Tell everyone you know!

P.S. feel free to follow me on Twitter, to get updates on my latest posts, and occasionally see the random things I throw out there, as well.

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