Pocket Picks #4: Chuuni all the way!

I’m a sucker for a good Romance series. Almost as much as I love a good Slice-of-Life, or even a comedy. So why not a show that presents a lovely blend of all 3, for your viewing pleasure? Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions is a show that brings all three genres together into a wonderfully complex and enjoyable show. It’s a bit off-the-wall, sometimes, but if you don’t mind a bit of silliness, you should give the show a look.


What’s it all about?

Yuta Togashi has a problem. He used to be a “chuunibyo,” one of the thousands of Japanese students so desperate to stand out that they’ve literally convinced themselves that they have secret knowledge and hidden powers. But now that he’s starting high school, he’s determined to put aside his delusions and face life head on. The trouble is Rikka Takanashi, his upstairs neighbor, is just a little bit delusional herself. And she knows all about his past indiscretions.

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From the very start of the show, it sets the pace with several absolutely hilarious scenes in a row, mainly featuring Yuta and Rikka. From her eccentric evening escapades to her dramatic personality reveal, Rikka immediately grabbed my heart as a unique, interesting, and fun character. Toss in a love rival with a hidden past, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for RomCom perfection.

The main draw of the show is the interactions between the characters.Not just between Rikka and Yuta, but all the others as well; the chemistry between them all is exquisitely written, and there are some unbelievably funny moments throughout the show. But it’s not just comedy.

This is what clubs do… right?

Chuunibyo provides us with some great Romance content to  round itself out, some adorable scenes and lines as the characters grow closer to each other. The outlandish, hyperbolic scenarios that occasionally occur just help the story flow so much better, as well as give us a deeper look into the character’s hearts and minds.

And if you’re just looking around for a show that’s easy to watch, you’re in luck. Chuunibyo is an absolutely beautiful show, approaching visual perfection as you’d expect of a show coming from KyoAni. Bright colors, vivid backgrounds, and pretty much perfect art all-around. This becomes especially apparent during some of the Nichijou-esque reality breaks that occur during the series, both enhancing comedic scenes, and adding to the overall production value.


Here’s what some other lovely bloggers have to say about the show:

I actually didn’t watch chuunibyou thinking of its romance, but it was really good when the romance came. As for the other aspects, there were several heartwarming moments, and I think this is just an overall good SOL romance show with a little bit of drama.


Beautiful visuals. Interesting quirky characters with complex but relatable personalities and room to grow.


Just keep spinning…

It’s definitely not a perfect show; Season 2 is somewhat lackluster, compared to the brilliance that was Season 1, but that doesn’t make it a bad show, by any means. If you’re looking for a fun, interesting show with some nice romance, a ton of comedy, and a generally relaxing and easy-to-watch feel, then I highly suggest you give Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions a shot.

6 thoughts on “Pocket Picks #4: Chuuni all the way!

  1. I still have to get around to a rewatch of season 2 so I can review it properly. Though I agree, it is somewhat lack luster compared with the first season which is probably why I keep putting off watching it even though it is enjoyable enough.
    Great review.

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