Unique Blogger Award, November 2017


First off, I would like to heartily thank Yahari Bento for nominating me for this award! They have an awesome blog where they write some creative, in-depth Anime analyses, so check them out!


  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer questions they’ve written for you.
  4. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, summon nominate 8-13 bloggers from the magic circle and ask them 3 questions.


Bento has asked 3 questions in their nomination, all of which are pretty interesting, and which I will attempt to answer to the best of my abilities. So, without any further ado, let’s answer these things!

Q: If you reincarnate as a spider that you need to survive in the cruel fantasy world and poisonous monsters are everywhere, when you level up and there are two choices for you to choose (Poison Skill or Poison Resist), which one you want to pick?

A: I think, if I were in a world full of poisonous monsters and the like, that the Poison Resist skill would be a more useful skill to level up. It would allow me to negate the negative effects of any poisonous monsters that attacked me, allowing me to survive better.

Q: If you are a spider, you want to befriend with other monsters (social) or want to hunt them (savage)? (You can choose one only.)

A: I think it would all depend on how the world worked, honestly. I would prefer being able to befriend the other monsters, maybe make a clan, or an army of some sort that would ensure survival for all of us. But, if it were more beneficial to just kill stuff and level-up to be more powerful, I might do that, instead.

Q: Assume that you can choose color for your body (of course you are spider again), which color you want to paint? (You can choose more than one color.)

A: As a spider, I think stealth would be a pretty key element in my survival. Of course, everything would depend a lot on my own size, as well as the colors of the world, but a safe bet is probably shades of black, grey, brown, or green, to help me blend into shadows, dirt, or plant life.

My Questions:

Now that i’ve answered the questions asked by Bento, It’s time for me to ask several questions of my own!

  1. If you gained the power to shapeshift, but only into a single animal, what animal would it be, and why?
  2. When eating a sushi roll, what procedure, or special techniques do you like to use during said consumption? (This is a very important question.)
  3. Would you use Ki, Nen, Reishi, or Chakra, and why?

There are my lovely questions for the equally lovely bloggers whom I will nominate! The lucky winners today are:


  1. Yahari Bento
  2. Fueled by Smiling
  3. Peach’s Almanac
  4. Plyasm’s Wormhole
  5. Keiko
  6. Remy Fool
  7. Shokamoka
  8. Irina
  9. Karandi

I love all of you beautiful peeps, and Thanks again for the nomination!

17 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award, November 2017

      1. Thanks for reply, @AstralGemini.

        You’re right, I enjoy that novel, mc in the story can choose what s/he want to be when evolve, so I am curious how everyone will choose if they are spiders. ^ ^)>

        How about I call Kushido (Kumo+Bushido, the way of spider warrior)?

        Liked by 1 person

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