100 Days of Anime: Day 92


I’m doing something crazy here, you guys. Today is day 92 of the 100 Day Anime challenge, and our question of the day is: What is your favorite School Life anime? However… it’s Halloween! So, i’m changing the question. Today’s question is now, officially: What is your favorite Horror Anime, and why? There are some pretty good Horror anime out there, but i’ve gotta say, my favorite is probably Another.


Another has a great initial draw with an amazing soundtrack, beautiful visuals, and a nicely atmospheric setting. However, things take a dark turn for the worse when an ancient curse on a school classroom begins to cast a dark shadow over our main characters. If you’re looking for a chilling mystery that evolves into a thrilling gore-story by the end, Another is the show you’re looking for.


For a more comprehensive review of Another, and everything that makes is such a great Horror show, check out this post that I wrote for Unime: S.H.S. – Why Another is such a great Horror series. Let me know what you guys’ favorite Horror anime are down in the comments, and I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!

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