100 Days of Anime: Day 90


Hey guys, welcome back to the 100 Day Anime Challenge! Today is Day 90, meaning we only have 10 days left of this challenge! CRAZY! Our question today is: Give us a picture of an Anime girl in a swimsuit. Now, i’m going to give a little addendum to this and also explain why I chose this picture, of Mikoto Misaka, from A Certain Scientific Railgun.



Now, Misaka is adorable, yes. She’s one of the textbook tsundere characters, she has incredible esper abilities, and she’s just a great character. She also has somewhat childish tastes in clothes, stuffed animals, etc. but tries to hide this fact from her friends; she’s ashamed of it. In one episode, her and her friends participate in a photoshoot for a swimsuit company, and Misaka chooses a nice, somewhat standard suit to wear. However, after the shoot, she lingers behind and picks herself a more childish suit instead, happily able to express her true tastes and desires.


I just liked this scene because it shows a character trying to be true to them self, while also trying to avoid embarrasing themself in front of their friends. It’s a struggle that, honestly, a lot of us have gone through in our lives, and I really liked it. Do you guys have some swimsuit pictures or scenes to share? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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