100 Days of Anime: Day 89


Every story needs a beginning, and so does every Anime. It’s Day 89 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge, and our question today is: What is your favorite Anime Opening Theme song? Well, since we’ve already covered this on Day 31, i’ll instead give a list of some great ones; why not.

Angel Beats has one of the best Anime OPs i’ve ever heard. The beautiful chords of the piano are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye, and the gorgeous visuals of the sequence are absolutely unforgettable.

Let’s be real here; some of the best OPs are the catchiest ones. Attack on Titan’s first season totally nailed that with Guren no Yumiya, one of the catchiest OPs of all time. You can’t listen to this without screaming YAEGERRRR!!!

This one’s just a classic. You can’t go wrong with the jazzy beats of Tank! Reminiscent of an old James Bond film, this OP is excellently composed, visually appealing, and just all-around excellent.

What are some of you guys’ favorite Anime OPs? Why do you love them? Please let me know down in the comments below, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

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